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Welcome to the World's Largest Database of PhD Opportunities

Find A PhD is a guide to current postgraduate research and PhD studentships. We list details of graduate research programmes from universities throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. New PhDs are added every day, and our listings include PhD Research ProjectsPhD Research ProgrammesFour Year PhD ProgrammesInternational PhD Programmes  and   Clinical PhD Programmes.

Latest PhD Projects
54762| Queen Mary University of London| EPSRC PhD Studentship: Chemistry and biochemistry of bioadhesion|
62114| Queen Mary University of London| LSI PhD Studentship (Home/EU Students Only): A Biomimetic In Vitro Model for the Blood-Brain-Barrier|
62113| Bournemouth University| Towards Adapted Telecare Solutions for the Elderly|
62112| Bournemouth University| Tribology of sliding contacts within plain bearing overlays subject to corrosion|
62111| Bournemouth University| Wellbeing in surgeons: An examination of the impact of complications and errors on surgeons|
62110| Bournemouth University| My navigation system really works for me - designing ubiquitous in-car interfaces|
60603| University of St Andrews| Measuring nanometre distances with EPR to investigate the structure of biomolecules|
60719| University College London| PhD studentship: Ultrafast relativistic electron diffraction|
62109| University College Dublin| Characterisation and analysis of energy absorbing materials under compression and shear for helmet liner applications|
62108| University College Dublin| Development of new equestrian helmet standard tests for improved head impact protection|
62106| University of Leeds| Controlling vascular diseases via heme oxygenase-1 modulation of T-type Ca2+ channels.|
62107| University College Dublin| Development of realistic skin model for head model refinement|
62104| University of Leeds| A novel pathway to exploit in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension: heme oxygenase-1 regulation of T-type Ca2+ channels|
62105| University College Dublin| Modelling skull fracture in accident reconstruction|
62103| University of Leeds| Hydrogen sulfide modulation of the K+ channel Kv2.1: A new signalling pathway to target in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease|
58291| University of Southampton| Human and livestock movement patterns and zoonotic disease risk in Kenya|
62102| University of Leeds| Regulation of cardiac ion channels by carbon monoxide|
62100| University of Leeds| Regulation of colorectal cancer tumour growth by T-type Ca2+ channels and heme oxygenase-1|
62101| University College Dublin| In-depth analysis and reconstruction of equestrian jockey accidents and associated headgear|
56166| University of Manchester| Role of ABC transporters in hair follicle stem and progenitor cell protection against chemotherapy-induced damage|
62099| Bournemouth University| LEAP: Landscape Ecology and Primatology|
57249| University of Manchester| Understanding the needs of people with vascular dementia following stroke – a mixed methods approach|
62098| Bournemouth University| The Effect of Background Noise and Music on Reading|
62094| University of Birmingham| Innate lymphoid cell activation states provide novel checkpoints for adaptive immune responses|
62097| Bournemouth University| Supporting SMEs’ Business Process Modelling - a view of end-user perspective|
56817| Cancer Research UK| 2015 Crick PhD Programme - Continuum description of tissue morphogenesis|
62096| Bournemouth University| Delivering a novel pre-treatment web-based intervention to enhance motivation to change and treatment attendance in adult eating disorder patients|
62095| Bournemouth University| Investigating the effects of omega-3 fatty acids and synergsitic nutrients and exercise on mobility and cognition in the older adult|
62093| Bournemouth University| Can a combined telephone triage system with a home assessment reduce the number of women admitted to hospital who are not in established labour?|
62075| University of Liverpool| Understanding Ebola virus biology and developing new therapeutic treatments|
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