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Find A PhD is a guide to current postgraduate research and PhD studentships. We list details of graduate research programmes from universities throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. New PhDs are added every day, and our listings include PhD Research ProjectsPhD Research ProgrammesFour Year PhD ProgrammesInternational PhD Programmes  and   Clinical PhD Programmes.

Latest PhD Projects
63778| Liverpool John Moores University| Measuring physical activity in children and adolescents|
63777| Liverpool John Moores University| Investigating physical activity in children with intellectual disabilities|
61087| University of Birmingham| Single particle ICP-MS applications in nanomaterial safety|
63776| King’s College London| A study of the transcriptional networks underlying the molecular pathogenesis of generalised pustular psoriasis|
46104| Liverpool John Moores University| The Magic Mirror - showing patients how their normal movements would look like|
52192| Liverpool John Moores University| Clinical gait analysis in special populations|
63775| University of Birmingham| Synthesis of biologically important molecules based on new methodology development|
63774| Liverpool John Moores University| Male muscularity self-perception and obsession: causes and health consequences|
63773| University of Birmingham| Catalysis and Recognition for Life and Sustainability: Nitrogen-containing chiral catalysts for the synthesis of biologically active molecules|
63771| Liverpool John Moores University| Professional development, education, and training in applied sport psychology|
63772| University of Birmingham| Catalysis and Recognition for Life and Sustainability: Glyconostics for early disease detection|
63770| University of Southampton| PhD Studentship: Electro-thermal modelling of carbon fibre composites (CFC)|
63744| University of Southampton| Epigenetic mechanisms in metabolic bone disease: from pathology to biomarker|
63769| University of Southampton| Experimental Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics|
63768| University of Birmingham| Catalysis and Recognition for Life and Sustainability: Understanding weak inter- and intra- molecular interactions in chiral catalysts|
63767| University of Birmingham| Diversity-oriented synthesis for TB Drug Discovery|
63766| University of Southampton| Experimental Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics|
63759| University of Birmingham| Investigating collagen receptor organisation and signalling in platelets using super resolution microscopy and cluster analysis|
63578| University of Southampton| Next generation polymer resin systems for carbon fibre composite (CFC) wind turbine blades|
63765| University of Birmingham| Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging of Chemical Processes|
63764| University of Birmingham| Design, Synthesis and Characterisation of Molecular Materials|
63763| Aston University| Characterising the effects of skin movement on pin site complications of transcutaneous pins in external fracture fixations|
63762| Queen Mary University of London| Ranunculus as a bioengineer in chalk stream ecosystems|
11052| University of St Andrews| New concepts in High Temperature Batteries|
63760| University of Birmingham| The role of signals from stroma for the differentiation high affinity plasma cells from germinal centres|
56762| University of East Anglia| Improving pharmaceutical care within the A&E setting (WRIGHTU15UEA)|
62933| University of Manchester| An investigation into natural fibres and synthetics within multilevel multilayer woven textiles whilst maintaining structural integrity and performance to generate responsive and/or interactive material forms for technical applications.|
62929| University of Manchester| Development of an Automatic Integration System for Distributed Optical Sensors to Manufacture Smart Composite Pipes|
62928| University of Manchester| 3D printing with 2D nanomaterials|
62957| Queen Mary University of London| Investigation of positive and negative allosteric modulation of NMDA receptor function and its therapeutic potential in neurology and psychiatry|
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