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Welcome to the World's Largest Database of PhD Opportunities

Find A PhD is a guide to current postgraduate research and PhD studentships. We list details of graduate research programmes from universities throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. New PhDs are added every day, and our listings include PhD Research ProjectsPhD Research ProgrammesFour Year PhD ProgrammesInternational PhD Programmes  and   Clinical PhD Programmes.

Latest PhD Projects
56100| University of Strathclyde| The neural basis of creativity|
56699| University of Liverpool| EPSRC CASE Award 2014: Automatic CT Segmentation of the Lungs for Diagnostics and Treatment Monitoring of Lung Diseases|
40486| University of Oxford| Medical Genomics: Identifying gene networks perturbations in stem cell models of disease|
34690| University of Oxford| Medical Genomics: Dissecting the genetics underlying common neurodevelopmental spectrum disorders|
29776| University of Oxford| Decoy mechanisms of long noncoding RNAs in disease|
19582| University of Oxford| Immunological Determination of ‘Self’ revealed by Interrogating Single Cell Transcriptomes from the thymus|
15298| University of Oxford| Metabolic cell biology: CTP synthase, Cytoophidia, Cancer biology and CRISPR|
11748| University of Oxford| Single Cell Transcriptomics in the Mouse and Human Brain|
11746| University of Oxford| Identifying new pathways linking oxidative stress and neurodegeneration|
11745| University of Oxford| Characterisation of circadian disruption in mouse synaptic mutants as a model of schizophrenia|
56697| Birmingham City University| PhD Studentship in Model-Based Systems Engineering: Underlying methods and tools for developing system models and knowledge models and new approaches and techniques for integrating systems with knowledge|
55979| University of Leeds| Innovative drilling fluids|
55199| Lancaster University| Sensor-based pre-symptomatic detection of pests and pathogens for precision scheduling of crop protection products|
56692| Queen’s University Belfast| Gigabit Mobile Networking using Device-to-Device Communications|
56693| Cardiff University| The design and assembly of tailored oligosaccharides as polymer therapeutics for improved treatment of chronic respiratory disease.|
56690| University of East Anglia| Ultrafast dynamics in photoactive media (MEECHU15SF)|
56688| University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus | Investigating a bioprocessing strategy to convert smoky carbon dioxide into marketable carbonates|
56024| Imperial College London| PhD Studentship in Design and Manufacturing of Modularised Building Systems|
56686| University of Manchester| Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems in Structural Analysis|
56685| University of Warwick| Basis of human virulence in Bacillus cereus strain G9241|
53368| University of York| The genetic basis of Boron efficiency in Brassica napus|
56684| University of Stirling| Characterising the Hazard from Radioactive Hot Particles in the Environment|
56080| University of Liverpool| PhD Studentship - Industrial Design, Interaction and User Experience|
56683| University College London| Home/EU PhD Studentship in Diamond Optics and Photonics|
56682| University of Edinburgh| Analysis of rat genome sequences to identify genetic determinants of hypertension|
56681| Cardiff University| Inflammatory effects of the complement terminal pathway: exploring the molecular mechanisms|
54974| Aberystwyth University| Increasing the selectivity and potency of a novel anthelmintic chemical entity.|
56680| Plymouth University| Waveimpact: Interaction between a wave farm and the ocean through laboratory tests and numerical modelling|
56679| Lancaster University| AHRC PhD Studentship: Digital Design for Creative Consultation|
56086| University of St Andrews| Engineering of plant cell wall degrading enzymes for enhanced biocatalysis in biofuel production|
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