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Welcome to the World's Largest Database of PhD Opportunities

Find A PhD is a guide to current postgraduate research and PhD studentships. We list details of graduate research programmes from universities throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. New PhDs are added every day, and our listings include PhD Research ProjectsPhD Research ProgrammesFour Year PhD ProgrammesInternational PhD Programmes  and   Clinical PhD Programmes.

Latest PhD Projects
63225| University of Birmingham| Evolution of galaxies in early large scale structures|
61313| University of Liverpool| Uncovering the mechanisms of cryoprotectant toxicity and improving cryopreservation protocols|
61628| University of Birmingham| Air pollution at trnasport interchanges|
59075| University of Bath| High-Resolution 3-D Mapping of the Seafloor using Advanced Sonar Imaging and Underwater Robots|
63374| University of Bath| Efficient simulation of rare events and large deviations in physical systems|
63372| University of Bath| Polymer and protein morphologies prediction using HPC|
63373| University of Kent| A synthetic framework for understanding membrane domain formation|
62483| University of Sheffield| EngD - The influence of composition and wire drawing on the microstructure and properties of high strength wire rod steels|
62454| University of Sheffield| EngD - Welding of Bainitic Rail Steels|
63371| Dublin Institute of Technology| environment sustainability, social cohesion and economic viability|
57264| University of East Anglia| Diatom genome editing: targeted mutagenesis using the CRISPR/Cas system (MOCKU15SF)|
60814| University of Southampton| Microfluidic Single-Cell Arrays for Stem Cell Heterogeneity Studies|
57231| University of Southampton| PhD Studentship - Investigating the host-pathogen interaction in tuberculosis by bioelectrospray cell culture modelling and label-free imaging|
63369| Cardiff University| Functions of MIF in glioblastoma tumour progression|
63368| University of Leeds| University of Leeds and Proctor & Gamble iCase PhD StudentshipUnderstanding and controlling dye transfer in the laundry process|
59739| University of Leeds| Determining therapeutic targets in the B-cell malignancy, Waldenström macroglobulinemia|
63327| Waterford Institute of Technology| SuRE: Sustaining Resilience in Employment-Investigating work-related stress and enhancing resilience in older health and social workers through an online digital platform|
63326| Waterford Institute of Technology| Cross-talk between ovarian follicular cells; consequences for fertility?|
63325| Waterford Institute of Technology| Open-market energy procurement strategies to integrate wind energy|
63324| Waterford Institute of Technology| The financialisation of everyday life: a multiperspective study of the organisation of the Irish housing market|
63323| Waterford Institute of Technology| Optical fibre sensors for structural health monitoring and the built environment|
63322| Waterford Institute of Technology| Investigations into the anti-inflammatory properties of natural products from Irish wildflowers|
63367| University of Huddersfield| Environmental Limits of Methanogenesis and Microbial Sulphate Reduction|
63314| Waterford Institute of Technology| An investigation of the biofertilising effects of cyanobacteria strains on agricultural crop varieties|
63321| Waterford Institute of Technology| Investigation into the potential use of seaweed extracts as pesticides in forestry|
63320| Waterford Institute of Technology| A framework for maximising the niche potential of senior tourism for Irish culture and heritage firms in off-peak season|
63366| University of Cambridge| Functional and super-resolution imaging methods to study protein self assembly reactions in the context of disease|
63319| Waterford Institute of Technology| Enantioselective biocatalytic synthesis of ß-amino acids and amines|
63318| Waterford Institute of Technology| Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel organocatalysts towards the synthesis of biologically active oxindoles|
63317| Waterford Institute of Technology| Performing the region: Performing women|
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