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Find A PhD is a guide to current postgraduate research and PhD studentships. We list details of graduate research programmes from universities throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. New PhDs are added every day, and our listings include PhD Research ProjectsPhD Research ProgrammesFour Year PhD ProgrammesInternational PhD Programmes  and   Clinical PhD Programmes.


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Latest PhD Projects
56085| University of Leeds| Particle Attrition in Circulating Fluidised Bed Reactors|
56083| University of Birmingham| Cognitive, affective and physiological consequences of inflammation|
53264| University of Strathclyde| Quantum Optical State Comparison Amplification|
55682| Dublin Institute of Technology| Application of lignocellulosic food waste for the production of industrially viable enzymes|
55683| Dublin Institute of Technology| Multifunctional coatings for biodegradable medical devices|
56079| University of Liverpool| Estimating the burden of disease from common gastrointestinal infections and remediable factors that contribute to this burden|
54130| Aberdeen University| An Argumentation Workbench|
54129| Aberdeen University| Computational Law|
54128| Aberdeen University| Processing Natural Language Text into High Quality RDF Graphs|
54148| Aberdeen University| Sporting estates and multifunctionality: theory, practice, synthesis?|
54591| Aberdeen University| Urban farming and resilience: concepts and practice|
54249| Aberdeen University| Monitoring Remote and Offshore Structures with Wireless Sensor Networks|
44745| Aberdeen University| Systematic investigation of contact angle measurements at reservoir conditions. CO2-EOR and CCS in the North Sea.|
54127| Aberdeen University| Computational approaches for the management of Infectious Disease Risk|
44733| Aberdeen University| Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for subsea applications|
44732| Aberdeen University| Simultaneous generation of pulsed, high coherence red, green, and blue (RGB) wavelengths from a single ruby laser source for colour holography|
44731| Aberdeen University| Development of an infrared laser for medical surgery|
54248| Aberdeen University| Stratified shear flows in inclined pipes and wells: the impact of confinement, incline, and stratification|
54247| Aberdeen University| Oil recovery from fractured reservoirs: spontaneous imbibition in carbonates under different wettability|
54875| Aberdeen University| Risk and safety implications of corrosion effects on oil and gas pipelines|
54873| Aberdeen University| Maintaining ageing offshore assets|
54246| Aberdeen University| Automated Big data analysis|
54326| Aberdeen University| Reliability of pipelines under spatially varying corrosion defects|
54098| Aberdeen University| Synthesis and characterisation of materials for carbon capture|
54126| Aberdeen University| Automatically Refomulating text for target populations through Text Simplification and Summarisation|
54245| Aberdeen University| Investigating the role of proppant in hydraulic fracturing of gas shales|
54244| Aberdeen University| Investigating shale softening during the hydraulic fracturing of gas shales|
54135| Aberdeen University| Seismic imaging of the Australia – southeast Asia collision zone|
54243| Aberdeen University| Transport of dissolved oxygen in natural streams and their hyporheic zones|
54242| Aberdeen University| An integrated numerical model of natural stream, hyporheic zone and groundwater|
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