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The School of Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham is looking for high calibre, international students to join its new Doctoral Training Centre in Pharmaceutical Sciences for International Students (DTCi).  Applicants will have a good degree in a relevant discipline (e.g.  pharmacy, chemistry, cell biology, biochemistry, etc) and fulfil our English language entry criteria. All successful applicants will receive support for laboratory expenses and most will be using our innovative electronic laboratory notebook. Below is a list of potential PhD projects offered by our research groups.  You'll find more details by clicking on each title.  In certain cases, one-year MRes  projects may be based on similar research topics.  More information is available from www.nottingham.ac.uk/Pharmacy/ProspectiveStudents/Postgraduates/DTCi.aspx.

For all of these projects, you'll need to pay your own tuition fees and living costs. For certain students the School of Pharmacy offers support for living expenses through its DTCi enhancement fund. Scholarship support may also be available via the International Office.

Find details on how to apply, please click here
Dr J AylottCan nanosensors identify antimicrobial release triggers to inform the design of novel biofilm dispersion technology for washing machines to reduce biofouling and remove potential reservoirs of infection?
Dr J Dixon
Prof K Shakesheff
Oral Insulin delivery using GET peptide technology
Dr J Dixon
Prof K Shakesheff
Light-inducible delivery using GET peptide technology
Dr I DrevenyStructure-based approaches for ubiquitin specific protease functional analysis and drug discovery
Dr P GershkovichThe role of life style and co-morbidities in statin-induced muscle toxicity
Dr P GershkovichTargeting cannabinoids to the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) for improved treatment of autoimmune diseases
Dr P GershkovichTargeting protease inhibitors to the gut-associated lymphoid tissues for improved treatment of HIV/AIDS
Dr P GershkovichPharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of cordycepin, a potential lead drug in osteoarthritis
Dr D HeeryChromatin Regulators in Cancer
Dr D HeeryNuclear Receptors and their Coactivators in Cancer
Dr D H Kim
Prof D A Barrett
Investigating metabolic changes and chemical distribution of biomarkers using mass spectrometry techniques
Dr A Piccinini
Prof D Heery
Regulation of gene expression at the intersection of infection, inflammation and cancer
Dr F Rawson
Dr C Alexander
Cellular-Redox Driven Fabrication of Biomimetic Polymers
University of Nottingham
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