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Here you can stay up to date with important postgraduate news, funding developments, international study advice and humour.

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 by Hannah Slack posted on 30 Sep '21 30 Sep '21

My Supervisor’s an Alien

Ever thought your supervisor acts a bit strange? Do they have odd habits or not seem to sleep? If you answered yes then they might be an alien. They're more common than you think!

 by Hannah Slack posted on 2 Sep '21 2 Sep '21

10 Feelings You’ll Have Starting a PhD

Starting a PhD can be pretty scary. If you're wondering how your first couple of weeks might go then check out this blog where Hannah recounts her personal experience.

 by Hannah Slack posted on 29 Jul '21 29 Jul '21

5 Simple Ways to Find a Potential PhD Supervisor

Having a good supervisor is important for both you and your project. We've put together a few ways to help you find some potential options.

 by Hannah Slack posted on 15 Jul '21 15 Jul '21

10 Ways to be a Good PhD Student

There's a lot of things that go into being a good PhD student. From managing your time effectively to maintaining a productive relationship with your supervisor. Here are the top ten things you should be doing.

 by Hannah Slack posted on 10 Jun '21 10 Jun '21

Our Top Books for PhD Students

There are lots of advice books out there for PhD students. We've taken a look at some of the most popular that all students could benefit from.

 by Hannah Slack posted on 20 May '21 20 May '21

PhDiary #5 ‘The First Draft Always Sucks’ – Preparing for the Confirmation Review

It's time for a new edition of the PhDiary! In this blog History student Hannah recounts how she prepared for the confirmation review and offers some advice on what not to do.

 by Hannah Slack posted on 1 Apr '21 1 Apr '21

PhD Firsts: A Timeline of Doctoral Research

Did you know the PhD has been around since the twelfth century?In this blog let us take you through the sands of time and remember some of world's PhD firsts.

 by Hannah Slack posted on 11 Feb '21 11 Feb '21

PhDiary #4 “Is it Really as Bad as Everyone Says?” - 5 Things I Learnt in My First Year

The first year is a funny one. If you're just starting, or thinking of applying, then you probably have a lot of questions about how to do a PhD. Here are just a few things that I've learnt along the way.

 by Hannah Slack posted on 15 Jan '21 15 Jan '21

PhDiary #3: “The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life” - Conferencing Heaven and Conferencing Hell

Conferences can be stressful. Mistakes will be made. I hope you find some entertainment in my worst event experience yet.

 by Hannah Slack posted on 14 Dec '20 14 Dec '20

PhDiary #2: “What is Normal Anyway?” – My Average Work Week

Worried you're not putting in enough hours? Or just curious about the average work week of a PhD student? For this edition of the PhDiary I discuss how I found and perfected my work schedule.