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PowerPoint Presentation

User: Hugh - 22 March 2010 17:11

Hi all, :)

I have a PhD studentship interview, as I've mentioned in previous threads.

I have two questions:

a) I have to do a 5 minute presentation, should I use a powerpoint presentation? I know I could do fine without it, but my friend said if I prepare one and use it, it shows that I have made an effort.

b) Has anyone used a powerpoint for a PhD interview/presentation? Is it possible you could kindly show me a copy of it, just so I know I'm on the right track. Would be much appreciated :)

User: MissGeography - 22 March 2010 19:21


I didn't have to give a presentation (or even an interview, damn my uni seems so easy compared to elsewhere!), but I would definitely use Powerpoint if I had to. Gives you something to focus on, looks really professional, gives you a chance to show off your presenting/lecturing skills, and I personally think that it makes presenting so much easier! For 5 minutes though, try to keep the number of slides/text on them to a minimum - just key points. :-)

Good luck with it - hope you get it. xx

User: Hugh - 22 March 2010 19:26


Thank you :)

User: NapoleonofCrime - 22 March 2010 19:36

I checked this out before my interview, and was explicitly told that no visual presentation was necessary or expected. Good luck!

User: Hugh - 22 March 2010 20:06

Quote From NapoleonofCrime:

I checked this out before my interview, and was explicitly told that no visual presentation was necessary or expected. Good luck!
I checked with them and they said that equipment would be available if required.

User: DanB - 22 March 2010 21:19

You'll probably end up giving powerpoint presentations throughout a PhD so it's no harm to do one for this presentation - it's fairly standard format by now. I used powerpoint for a presentation for one PhD i applied for and also for a couple of jobs as well. I would offer to send it to you but I have no idea where it is as it was several years ago now!

User: Hugh - 23 March 2010 14:38

Quick question: Is it OK if I use the university in question's logo in my presentation?

User: techate - 03 August 2018 16:28

Yes you can make PowerPoint presentation for your project. It is very simple to understand and clean interface to write. If you have any problem to create project then visit The URL for more help

User: Thesisfun - 03 August 2018 19:00

Given the question was posed 8 years ago, suspect the OP has made their decision by now!

User: aliceknowles - 10 November 2018 21:03

He has definitely decided, but the thread may be found by others and help them a lot

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