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what to get as a thank-you gift ?

User: Pineapple29 - 20 June 2011 08:53

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Following a positive viva voce outcome just over a week ago (still in disbelief!!), I'm intending to finish this PhD around September time. I'm thinking of sending my supervisors Selfridges hampers around Christmas time. Probably a little generous considering what I've been through over the last four/five years, but I would like to get them something assuming I'm awarded with a PhD after I've completed and worked through my examiners corrections. Despite everything, they've given me a fantastic opportunity and I'll always be grateful to them for letting me work on such interesting projects ;-)

User: Hugh - 20 June 2011 11:46

Is it customary to buy your supervisor a gift at Christmas/Easter?

User: ady - 20 June 2011 12:03

Quote From chococake:

Is it customary to buy your supervisor a gift at Christmas/Easter?

not as far as I am aware, no. I think we're talking post successful viva here.

User: Hugh - 20 June 2011 12:06

Quote From ady:

Quote From chococake:

Is it customary to buy your supervisor a gift at Christmas/Easter?
not as far as I am aware, no. I think we're talking post successful viva here.
OK cool. Saves me some cash. How much do supervisors get paid per student, and how many hours are they allocated per week? Though my supervisor is lovely, sometimes I feel like I'm a burden on him.

User: ady - 20 June 2011 12:10

I think it depends on department and uni. In my department as far as I know supvervisors don't actually get paid per student. Supervision is part and parcel of being a staff member and all about the passing on of knowledge and skill etc. Once a member of staff they are expected to 'want' to supervise.

Re: hours - in my area it's up to supervisor and student to work it out between themselves. The university has issued guidelines about initial contact and number of contact hours a student can expect to have. However, it hasn't been like that for me at all. It's been completely ad-hoc and that has suited me (and my supervisor as far as I know). We went through long periods of not meeting when I was 'out in the field' but now that I am near the end, I have been in much more regular contact.

User: Doodles - 20 June 2011 23:39

Supervisors don't get paid but it's part of the job although some take this more seriously than others! It depends on the dept and uni as Ady has said but I have heard of it when a supervisors get time off teaching (e.g. half a module) as they are supposed to spend that time with their student instead!  Of course this is all theoretical and only works if you have a decent supervisor who is actually willing to help! Some supervisors take the line ... it's your research so go and do it!

As for presents that is totally up to you!  I don't think they expect presents but it's nice to give Christmas cards. Sometimes people give a nice thank you (gift) at the end but you don't have to of course.  It depends how you have got on with your supervisors but it is a nice way to show your appreciation. ;-)

User: Marryj - 26 June 2019 05:27

You should give them a emotional gift like messages on notes. I can recommend a gift item which can full this requirement. It is a thank you gift with notes. I got this for my masters.[url=showthumb][/url]

User: pm133 - 28 June 2019 20:36

Apart from the fact that expensive gifts might look like some form of corruption has taken place (and in the UK we have laws about that), what is wrong with a handshake and a "thank you"?
Am I missing something here?

User: Jamie_Wizard - 04 July 2019 10:54

On submitting my thesis, I made this for my supervisor:

It was a reference to the 3 trips to Morocco I went on to give talks and run a workshop, once telling him at the last minute, and once without telling him (slipping out of the country). I knew he'd notice my tan, so I skyped him and turned down the saturation settings!

and yes, that is me on the camel :-)

User: rewt - 05 July 2019 11:23

Jamie_Wizard, that is probably one of the best thankyou gifts I have ever seen!

User: Jamie_Wizard - 06 July 2019 11:46

Haha thanks. After everything was done and dusted, I did also buy him a bottle of Hungarian dessert wine (very sweet and tasty), as my girlfriend is Hungarian and i really like the taste of the wine.
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