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User: Caro - 03 December 2016 15:24

My corrections were accepted a few weeks ago and I graduate this week! It's been a long 5 years since I started the PhD and I want to say thanks to everyone on the forum, I did a lot of lurking taking in the collective wisdom and have had a lot of advice from folk which I'm very grateful for! :)

User: Midomoh - 05 December 2016 00:53

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for a tutor to help me with my PhD thesis. I am doing my PhD in Glasgow, U.K. in the area of Human Resources about the Impact of Using Social Networking (Media) on Employee Engagement in workplace. I have done draft of 2 chapters of LR, and I have received a feedback from supervisors. My research will be a qualitative using triangulation methods (semi-structured interviews and document analysis - employee comments on Social Media platform). I need help to finalize the LR chapters will the clear research questions that hope to address the knowledge gaps and develop the methodology chapter. I have found the theory - Social Exchange Theory- which very well represents the process through structured Employee Engagement model as antecedents and consequences. I have done the interviews already, and I was able securing employee chatting comments on platform as "document analysis" method. If you think that you are right person I am looking for, please let me know to discuss to help and letting me know your availability. I will offer a very competitive payment.

I hope to hear back from soon.



User: Tudor_Queen - 07 February 2017 22:03


User: muspectrum - 13 May 2017 12:25

I resubmitted a couple of months ago and yesterday found out that my PhD has been accepted subject to a few typos. So I should be graduating in July. Such a relief!

User: pm133 - 13 May 2017 13:12

Passed viva on Thursday 11th May 2017 with minor corrections which should only take a day or two to fix. I will probably be a week too late with my final corrected thesis to graduate for the summer but will be happy enough to graduate in November.

For those who are still in the middle of their PhDs I will post elsewhere on my experience of the process and also why I have decided to turn down a postdoc opportunity and quit academia. I found it helpful to read the experience of others so will be happy to return the favour.

Very very happy.

User: chickpea - 13 May 2017 18:01

Congratulations to both of you!

User: Pjlu - 23 May 2017 12:31

Congratulations DrnPM133 and Dr Muspectrum, fantastic news for you both. Hope the celebrations went well and best luck for the future!

User: pm133 - 25 May 2017 12:49

Quote From chickpea:
Congratulations to both of you![/quote]

[quote]Quote From Pjlu:Congratulations DrnPM133 and Dr Muspectrum, fantastic news for you both. Hope the celebrations went well and best luck for the future!

Thanks to both of you.
My minor corrections were completed and submitted last weekend.
I can honestly say that waiting on these corrections being approved is the worst part of my PhD by some distance.
I have heard nothing yet, not even acknowledgement of receipt of the corrected thesis. According to my supervisor the process will take as long as it takes.
Given that I like to be in comtrol, this is absolute torture and it has only been 4 days lol.
Having nightmares about the changes not being accepted.
Would be interesting to see if others experienced delays in getting a response.
I am settled on an expectation of one month now. No idea if that is realistic.

User: pm133 - 25 May 2017 16:44

Perhaps my internal examiner reads this forum.
Minor corrections have been approved.
Free to get hard copies printed.
It's all over.
I am way too hard and tough to cry.
So what on EARTH is this....... :-D

User: jacksonkate - 01 June 2017 09:51


User: Dtab - 13 July 2017 14:59

I commented on another thread....I passed my Viva on Tuesday 11th July with only minor corrections (4-5 days of easy enough work). I have received an offer of some work already for September (although it is not a permanent contract but its still good). So I am very happy, the Viva was good but tough.

User: litphdgirl - 16 July 2017 11:41

Hard to believe I'm posting in this thread. I graduated with my PhD last week. It's all over!! 6 years of hell lol. Thanks to everyone on this forum for the camaraderie. Xxx

User: evangekk - 17 July 2017 01:08

Hello guys, I recently saw your foroum. I am a little bit confused because i don t know what I should decide. First of all I am Civil Engineer and I have 4 offers for postgraduate studies.
1)University of Leeds MSc Structural Engineering
2)University of Glasgow MSc Structural Engineering
3University of Cardiff MSc Structural Engineering
4)University of Edinburgh MSc Fire Safety and Structural Engineering

Do you have an opinion about Glasgow any ideas about the best choice among these options? About Edinburgh it is something very specfic and i don ' t know if it is worth to follow this direction. Thank you in advance

User: Sudipta - 21 July 2017 13:29

Hi all, I am a PhD student and going to submit my thesis within 2 months. I keenly wants to pursue Post doc after getting my PhD degree without wasting time. But I am really confused regarding the procedure of post doc application. My queries are given as below,
1. What is the perfect time to start application for Post doc? Should I wait until I submit my thesis then start applying?
2. When can I start applying for post doc scholarship?

Please anyone help me in this matter. I am really confused!

User: Pjlu - 22 July 2017 08:19

Quote From litphdgirl:
Hard to believe I'm posting in this thread. I graduated with my PhD last week. It's all over!! 6 years of hell lol. Thanks to everyone on this forum for the camaraderie. Xxx

Well done and congratulations litphdgirl! Hope the celebrations are fun and next year makes up for all the hell experienced in the previous 6!
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