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Proofreading service

User: Orchid911 - 28 February 2011 15:02

I NEED proofreading service and I found alots web site doing that so any body have tried before? otherwise any body can provide this service for me ?

User: snmrw - 30 March 2011 14:28

Hi there,

I can help you. I offer proofreading and copy-editing services - I am a Phd student, but also a Masters Supervisor, so I am pretty familiar with working with dissertations. I've proofread over 40 works (only started doing this last August) - all my clients were very happy with my service, with some repeat custom.

If you want to make an enquiry, send me an email on [email protected] with 'Postgrad Forum Proofreading' in the subject, and I can discuss with you my services and prices.

Take care,

User: Academ - 10 July 2014 06:24

Quote From Orchid911:
I NEED proofreading service and I found alots web site doing that so any body have tried before? otherwise any body can provide this service for me ?
Yeah i have tried and very satisfied with their work so you can go through with them if you wish.. Hope that help..:)

User: RachelSagar - 10 July 2014 23:29

Hi, I'm an academic proofreader. I specialise in proofreading and copy-editing for university lecturers and postgrads whose first language is not English, but also do work for people who are unconfident of their writing skills or need help with restructuring, improving the flow etc. I'm very thorough and provide a personal, caring service to my sometimes anxious clients! I do all the work myself and I love doing it, which is why my rates are very reasonable student ones. I have been proofreading for twenty years, having previously worked in publishing and teaching. I also teach EFL. My clients are always impressed with my work and that makes me really happy. I can also help with CVs and job applications. References available. Please private message me for more information. Thanks.

User: Hei - 06 April 2018 10:10


I know it is an old post so this reply is mainly for those who are now looking for proofreading/editing service. I have tried quite a number of editing companies including the big ones that show up on the top of Google search. Unfortunately I am not happy with their service as they just correct the obvious errors. I then tried "deluxe" service by paying more - as they claim they do proofreading + structure + clarity check. I could see more track changes in my document but that didn't improve the quality of my article, as my supervisor gave me 5 words --"I can't understand your writing!". I was so frustrated as I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying all those editing services, and that's out of my own pocket (no support from supervisor as expected!!).

I then met a person in a conference and he suggested me "Zenith Biomedical Editing". He said he heard this company from his colleague. He has tried himself and is very happy with their service. I wasn't sure if I should believe him but I finally tried their free sample editing. I was impressed to see the effort this company put in editing even samples. This company provides detailed comments on why they make those changes so I can learn how to write. They rearrange the paragraphs, reword, and rewrite sentences to make things easier to read. It is obvious that they have editor in my field (medical/biology) as they can provide very specific and technical details to make my sentences clear. I have been using this company for almost 6 years and will continue to use them.

There are so many editing companies and we don't know which one is good. I think it is important for us to share our experience in forum like this, so others will not waste their money like me on doggy editing services!

All the best PhD students!!!

User: Hei - 08 April 2018 08:23

Oooopppsss.... should be "dodgy".... haha...
really need someone to proofread for me... hahaha....

User: keira91 - 11 April 2018 10:54

recently we have got Assignment Expert for proofreading service.

User: StephanieK - 31 December 2018 12:56

Hi there,

I can also assist with proofreading services for theses and dissertations. Here is my website if you would like more information or to contact me directly :)[url=showthumb][/url]

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