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Transcription software

User: Artista - 14 March 2012 21:41

This has probably been already covered:

Can anyone recommend decent pc transcription software? My methodology involves 35 x 1hr interviews, and it's taking far longer than I anticipated to transcribe the content.

With thanks.

User: sneaks - 15 March 2012 07:17

See my post on this thread about transcription buddy

User: coffeebreak - 15 March 2012 08:26


I did other people's transcriptions to fund my MA - a tedious task which I wouldn't care to repeat but it served its purpose ...

The software I used was Express Scribe. It's used by most audio typists and accepts nearly all file formats (or, if not, you can download format converters on 30 day trials for nothing). There are shortcut keyboard buttons for rewind, pause etc and it is also compatible with a foot pedal if you have one (I never bothered as I found them quite expensive). Best of all - it's FREE :-) Google it and you'll get a link to their site.

User: timefortea - 16 March 2012 09:30

I also use Express Scribe and a pedal. This has helped me speed up considerably.

User: Artista - 16 March 2012 12:56

So does voice recognition for this application exist yet? It seems to antiquated to labour through recordings like a 1950s pool typist.....

User: timefortea - 16 March 2012 14:44

I have voice recognition software but it really doesn't help! It just about makes sense of my voice (but still needs lots of editing) and can't cope with different speakers. You could read it out yourself I suppose but I don't think it would save you much time. Plus, when it comes to analysis it really helps that you have done it yourself - so much of the interpretation can come down to how you have decided to transcribe and only you can really make those decisions. Of course, if you don't touch type, it will take you a lot longer - i strongly advise learning to touch type if you don't already.

User: Artista - 16 March 2012 16:05

I can touch type and do a nifty shorthand, but was distracted by the Express Scribe option, which indicates that interviewers can pre-record/train the software to recognise differing voices, with a drop-down menu allowing researchers to attach the profiled voice to the existing knowledge of the respondent's voice. Momentarily, I hoped I could invite respondents to provide a reading of a sample text, to inform subsequent transcriptions. This must exist already? Looks like I'm slipping on a tweed skirt and heels, into 1950s mode after all.

User: holly09 - 03 May 2012 17:44

My friend used a transcription company - some are cheaper than others and will give discounts for students., I think it was, was very accurate and he got it back the next day.

User: socpol - 03 May 2012 19:45

I use software called f4 which is free to download and good ( I also bought a cheap pedal for about £15 which definitely helps. However, with that amount of interviews I would get some transcribed professionally if you can - I'm getting most of mine done this way and I don't have half the interviews you do! I've been using this company - - she is good and I think pretty cheap too.

User: Benfica - 13 January 2013 19:14

There is one... I guess if they are the cheapest around. As freelance journalist I require transcription and I am pretty satified with their service. What I have liked it that work is done by professionals. So I think you can trust them.[url=showthumb][/url]

User: Hugh - 14 January 2013 16:02

I use Express Scribe as well as Dragon to then speak the text into.

User: tanvi12 - 19 August 2013 07:19

Hi Artista! I agree with Benfica. I have also used this service. It is just amazing. You should really give it a try.

User: maaaagiver - 15 November 2013 18:02

I spent a couple of days looking for a transcription software for linux and found nothing, so I ended up doing my own software.
I made it cross-platform so it can be used in any system (windows, mac, or linux). Take a look at it and let me know what you think

User: janetkissho - 21 December 2013 05:26

express subscribe and pedal are the ones I would recommend you as have offer free 30 days trail period. Plus you can buy them if you like them. I have explained transcription through software.

User: Slovomol - 04 March 2014 09:02

I use Dragon whenever I need to work in MS Word or Excel. Unfortunately, Dragon is not designed to transcribe multi-speaker recordings like lectures or interviews. I used Express Scribe for these purposes for about a year. Recently discovered Transcriber Pro for Windows. I like it for speakers' names and timestamps automated insert. It is available for download at or
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