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User: emaa - 15 January 2016 16:04

Hello all,

I defended my thesis last April and passed with minor corrections with grade excellent. Last October I sent a book proposal to a famous publishe. After few days I received an email from them asking me to send my thesis and some questions about the jurey and the defence. On 24 November they informed me that they offer me a contract to publish my thesis as a book and ask me to send them my mail address to send the contract. I did provide them with my mail address. Before the holidays I sent them an email that I am leaving to France and will come back after the holidays in case they want to send me the contract. But I have not received any reply. Do you think it is normal to take more than one month to prepare a contract? do you think they will inform me if they changed their minde and do not want to publish my book? :(


User: TreeofLife - 16 January 2016 13:23

I think you should send a follow up email.

User: emaa - 17 January 2016 09:37

Thank you treeoflife. I will send them an email tomorrow.

User: emaa - 19 January 2016 16:02

I send them an email yesterday and have not received any reply 😕

User: monkey84 - 20 January 2016 06:23

I have no idea how all of this works, but if there is a contact number it might be easier to ring them instead? You'll be able to find out exactly what is going on. If there isn't a contact number I'd wait a couple more days and then e-mail again.

I hope you get it all sorted.

User: emaa - 20 January 2016 11:12

Many thanks monkey84 for your reply. There is no contact phone number. I contact with her only by email.

User: Pjlu - 20 January 2016 11:22

Hi Emaa, if the publisher is famous, then I would think that you might be able to find details of the person who contacted you if you have her name on the email. The publishers would have formal contact addresses and numbers to ring and a website wouldn't they-not just this one person who contacted you? Perhaps you could ring the publishers, as monkey suggested earlier, and ask if you could speak to the person who sent you the email, or see whether anyone else can assist you to make personal contact with this person.

User: emaa - 22 January 2016 19:59

Many thanks all. She sent me an email today and said I will receive the contract next week. ☺

User: Hugh - 22 January 2016 22:56

Quote From emaa:
Many thanks all. She sent me an email today and said I will receive the contract next week. ☺

Fab! Well done :)

User: emaa - 23 January 2016 02:10

Thank you Hugh

User: monkey84 - 25 January 2016 09:18

Quote From emaa:
Many thanks all. She sent me an email today and said I will receive the contract next week. ☺

That's excellent news! congratulations!

User: emaa - 26 January 2016 09:39

Thank yoy monkey84. All the best

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