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Participant recruitment ideas !!

User: bayleave_life - 20 January 2016 11:05

Hello, I am at 1st year of my PhD at the moment in Social science. Can anyone from the same field share their experience on how they have collected and recruited participants for interviews as part of the data collection process ? Please note that the fieldwork will not be in a developed country, so digital ways like survey monkey etc will hardly work. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance. Cheers !! :-D

User: chickpea - 20 January 2016 15:36

A lot depends on the particular group of people you're looking for. In my case, for example, I contacted lots of agencies who were likely to come into contact with the group of people I was interested in, looked for relevant events I could go to and so on. Are you just looking for general members of the public, or can you focus your attentions on certain groups or places?

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