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Need pre viva help to verify my stats

User: Sharn773 - 19 December 2020 13:59

Stats aren't my strong point and I could really do with some help to verify I have drawn the correct conclusions from my data before my viva next month. Is anyone able/willing to help?

User: rewt - 21 December 2020 22:03

If you post some more details, someone might be able to help

User: abababa - 28 December 2020 00:59

Most universities have a stats support programme. Make sure you check for this before help online.

I mean, if the covid vaccine etc. had been verified by a random online forum, then you'd be skeptical, right? Don't fall into the same trap with your own work. What you need is a professional statistician, and you probably won't find one posting here.

If you do resort to online, ask widely (multiple sources), and fundamentally use that to learn how to interpret your data - not as a get-out for not understanding it. Stats are so widely abused in research/politics/social media you need to understand them as a researcher. It's tedious, painful, but what you want to find is a good tutor at your Uni you can meet with to discuss and develop your knowledge, not a green light from here.

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