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Thesis correction: I need to correct my discussion on Subjectivism under methodology

User: Joemangano - 21 January 2021 02:21

Good evening everyone.
I had my viva last December. The first question the external examiner asked me was to explain why I chose to use subjectivism as my epistemological theory. My thesis is case study. I interviewed lecturers and students in a theological college to gain their views regarding the Spirit educative role. My examiner was concerned that my discussion on subjectivism weakens my thesis because, it considers the subjective views of my research participants as absolute truth.
Is there any resource anyone can suggest for me to read on subjectivism in qualitative research - and also any thoughts on how to approach discussion on subjectivism - so that it acknowledges objective reality - especially in Christianity where the teachings of the Holy Scripture is considered absolute truth.
Looking forward to suggestions on resources or materials to read or any thoughts to help me in correcting my thesis.

Thank you for your support.

User: Fridamore - 26 January 2021 00:10

At first sight it is surprising for me to treat subjectivism as epistemological foundation and not the other way around: analyse the epistemological basis of subjectivism in a Christian educational context. Nevertheless, it is really difficult to respond to your question without having more details about it and certainly more knowledge.
I think the best for you would be to ask for suggestions to professors in Philosophy or Theology, either at your university or at any other place. I did that when I was doing my master thesis and was stuck with a difficult concept; I wrote to a professor in another university, who had published a book in a related topic, presenting my ideas and doubts and asking for his suggestions. I t was really helpful.

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