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Doing a PhD with a 2:1 BEng (hons) and a MSc with a Merit

User: Wbuddila94 - 15 February 2021 22:34

Hi, I have just completed my MSc in Engineering and on route to a Merit grade from a UK university. I also have 2:1 BEng(hons) degree. I did not particularly performed well for my MSc Research as it was severely impacted by the COVID situation. Seeking advice as to whether If I apply for any PhDs with funding what are the chances of securing an opportunity? What matters specifically when it comes to applications regarding Studentships , CDT programs etc. I am interested in doing a PhD as I am interested in doing more research. I have 2 years of work experience as well across various engineering projects. Your advice regarding this highly appreciated.

User: PhoenixFortune - 16 February 2021 13:39

Studentships are competitive, so you'll inevitably be up against people with firsts and distinctions in their degrees - therefore, you need to focus on making your personal statement and proposal the best they can possibly be.

User: Wbuddila94 - 16 February 2021 23:00

Yes true, But one question?!?! I have found some PhD CDT studentships advertised only requires a personal statement and they have mentioned that a proposal is not needed. And The statement should only be a half of a normal A4 sized page. If this is the case What else should I focus on more other than the personal statement in the application?

User: PhoenixFortune - 17 February 2021 13:24

It depends what else the application asks for. If you are required to include a CV, make sure it's crystal clear and emphasises transferable skills. Otherwise, it's a case of building your profile with relevant courses, knowledge and experience.

User: rewt - 17 February 2021 19:44

To be honest, a year a go I would have said that you would have a had a good chance with a 2.1 but things have gotten a lot more competitive with COVID. It is has just made it more difficult to differentiate yourself but you can still do it. The skills required at undergraduate and postgraduate are different and the interviewers understand that, so show them that you have the relevant research skills. I rambled a bit in another thread about interviews and some of that might be relevant to your application.

Also, I would recommend you having an answer just encase you get asked at the interview about why you got a 2.1 or how you could have done better. A lot of lecturers and professors got 2.1 at undergrad but they still expect you to be able to self reflect.

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