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Another unique situation as a PhD student

User: phdcand - 11 April 2021 15:02

Hi everyone,

Apologies in advance if you get annoyed, but I really do need some advice on this.

Background: I have a B.Tech from a good university in India, and have 1+ years of experience at a decent MNC product-based company as a software engineer.

Problem: Due to some personal reasons, I had to shift to another country in Europe, so I thought of exploring research in AI/ML and go for a PhD. And in haste, I didn't assess the city, institution and supervisors that will constitute my working environment. When I reached and started work I was dissatisfied with the people around me as well as the place in general.

I have now complete 1.5 years. My supervisors are happy, my publishing record is good, my chosen domain is cool, and things look very sorted from the outside. But I am still dissatisfied (and there are reasons associated with others and myself). People say finish your PhD (just 2.5 years more to go) and the research industry outside will welcome you. Do you think I should be putting more efforts from my side to satisfy myself workwise? -> I had this in mind from the start but was unable to be productive at all.
Or leave with masters degree in few months and then fetch a job (SDE/Research) and then see if a PhD was ever needed and if yes, shoot for better PhD program in Europe (some of them are 3 years long)?

Since 1.5 years, I don't think there is a single night I haven't thought about this question. Answers keep changing but there is a bias from myside towards going to industry now. Now I don't know if that bias is out of failure to have control over productivity or I actually would like a job.

If I sound like a quitter, please tell me.

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