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Study buddy

User: SK19475 - 05 October 2022 18:31

I would be grateful if we are study buddies, shoot me a pm

User: highopes - 10 August 2022 10:03

Hi all,
I am wondering what a study buddy is, and I think I could do with one too.
Doing my Ph.D. by thesis, not publication, in the area of environmental science/Geography.
I have allocated time for myslef to just 'write' but finding it very hard to do just that.
I have tried all the tricks in the book to help me focus and none have helped.

User: Areej - 06 June 2022 14:18

Hi,I would like to have a study buddy to stay motivated. I have started my PhD 2 months ago. would love to work with someone who can motivate me to follow a daily schedule to reach the final goals

User: dondonny - 20 May 2022 11:04

In the similar boat, searching for a study buddy!

User: Diwash - 02 April 2022 03:00

Hi @Beekay I'm a marketing research professional looking to join PhD and currently working to get a paper published for next year. If you are still looking for a study partner, let me know. I will be able to join for group studying.

User: Trikst445 - 14 February 2022 14:59

I'm not doing my PhD yet, but I would like to have a study buddy very much.

User: Beekay - 06 February 2022 18:43

Hi! I am also working on my proposal to submit by the end of the month and would like a study buddy. I am looking to work on it at least 3 times a week.

User: Over1234 - 16 January 2022 21:02

Hi Busra!

This is not my field, but I’ve done a PhD. Even English is not my first language, I believe I can give you sone tips. If still interested, please write me a private message.


User: Busra - 02 January 2022 11:54

I am looking for a study buddy. Currently I am trying to write PhD research proposal for applying a PhD program in the UK. My research is about inclusive education and autism.