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Anyone with two PhDs?

User: pf329 - 02 March 2017 10:32

After I've finished my PhD, I'll be aiming for a DSc.

User: pm133 - 02 March 2017 18:23

Quote From powili:I did PhD in Public Health and I'm currently doing PhD in Environmental and Occupational Health in Taiwan, out of my interest to learn. I must admit, it's a totally new and interesting experience. Some may think it's time wasting but that relatively depends with individual's viewpoint and it's very subjective. Mistake to avoid:
Doing it because someone else is doing it.

Agree with this. There are, depressingly, too many people with too much to say about the life choices of other people. You only get one life. If doing two PhDs is what gets you out of bed then you are free to do exactly that without others making you feel bad.

User: Pjlu - 02 March 2017 20:26

I don't think I would do a second phd or even a professional doctorate but I would love to do a second Masters that focused on clinical counselling skills and I may do this after completing the PhD this year and taking a bit of a break. Not sure yet though, I just love this sort of work more I think than what I do currently although that is enjoyable if stressful at times.

I had to do the Phd though and don't regret this as I think all of the knowledge areas will suit each other and it may help me establish a private practice in a few years time as well as training my professional writing skills. I spend most of my time in 'the real world' whatever that is and fit all of my studies in during weekends and term breaks and holidays. If I did enrol in a M Counselling, this would be undertaken while I work in my current work, and I have no doubt the skills learned would enhance both my professional and personal life.
31 to 33 of 33 PhD Forum Posts

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