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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: Lara - 29 September 2008 00:11

Quote From rubyw:

The definition of nocturnal is getting stranger by the day on this thread. I'll watch with interest to see how it develops.
lol!! you're right !

User: tsipat - 29 September 2008 23:47

Just checking if anyone is slaving tonight.... I have a chapter due Tuesday 1st thing in the morning and i can barely keep my eyes open. Doing some last minute tweaking. I am feeling soooo sleepy, its been a tough day. Anyhow am giving myself the next 2 hours to finish off, email it and go to bed.

User: 404 - 29 September 2008 23:59

good luck with that Tsipat.

User: tsipat - 30 September 2008 00:08

thanks, i just have to stop reading threads NOW!!! what a force of destruction and yet so enabling.

User: tsipat - 30 September 2008 03:20

Quote From tsipat:

thanks, i just have to stop reading threads NOW!!! what a force of destruction and yet so enabling.

User: tsipat - 30 September 2008 03:23

Absolutely zonked, to bed i stagger...!!!

User: rubyw - 30 September 2008 08:54

Tsipat, I hope you got a good night's sleep after that - well done for getting it finished though!


User: tsipat - 30 September 2008 21:52

thanks R, had to get up at 7am as i had a class to teach at 9!!!!! going to bed right now though...

User: chrisrolinski - 07 October 2008 00:18

Preparing seminar prep for tmrw. Hoping that the students can carry some of their own weight tmrw!

User: walminskipeasucker - 07 October 2008 00:51

Hi Chris, I'm awake and working away - at the mo! Going to do another 20 minutes and then it's beddie-byes for me. Good luck with that seminar. I have something very similar this Friday and I'm working on it now. It's at times like this I realise that I know nothing and shake my head in disbelief that I've actually been allowed to do a PhD.

User: jouri - 10 October 2008 22:20

Anyone up for the nocturnal working tonight?

If everything goes well in my Viva (fingers crossed, I'm extremely nervous), this will be the last "PhD night" for me. There is one important task I really want to finish tonight. So my plan is to go to McDonalds to get a QuarterPounder with Cheese Meal with Barbecue Sauce (with Coke, large please) and then start working in about one hour, as long as it takes.

Despite the completely irrelevant information I provided above, who else is out there working tonight?

User: chrisrolinski - 10 October 2008 22:58

Good luck in your last night of PhD-dom.

I'm just reading so not exactly work in a sense. Still what with work and interest merging it is hard to know when I am working or having 'fun' sometimes. God, I hate myself sometimes! :$

User: milkyway_10000 - 21 October 2008 21:02

anyone doing all nighter today. I am just starting my work. I plan to work till 05:30 am, but might scale back if I am getting too tired. Let's see. Would like to know if somebody is working

User: sylvester - 21 October 2008 22:14

Welcome to the board. Not doing much tonight as I've been hard at it all day, so a well-earned rest. The rest of the night shift will no doubt be arriving at the coal face soon!

User: pamw - 21 October 2008 23:28

I've just finished for the night. I have been preparing for a 9am seminar I am teaching tomorrow. It's a subject I am interested in so I got a bit carried away putting stuff together. I hope the students appreciate it! I'm doing the same seminar on Thursday but this time my supervisor will be sitting in as the department wants all GTAs peer reviewed. I have to be up before 7 tomorrow so I must go to bed now!

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