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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: Eppi - 04 December 2007 04:22

Hi Grey, been up sorting out my literature review, found myself on a (very rare) roll and stayed up to finish it just hope when I read what I've written it will stay brill and won't turn out to be a pile of poo Good luck for yours!

User: chrisrolinski - 04 December 2007 12:11

Flying off to a conference tmrw. Must finish paper. Will stay up tonight, pace myself, finish in morning, print at lunch and then travel in the evening....

User: chrisrolinski - 11 December 2007 23:59

Anybody else working late tonight?

User: plumshower - 12 December 2007 00:27

I wonder if it's easier to work at night because there's no expectations on you to produce things at night? Does that makes sense? When I'm ill I work well too!

User: chrisrolinski - 12 December 2007 00:37

You may be onto something there!

User: Walminskipeasucker - 05 June 2008 23:33

How fxxking long does it take to transcribe an interview????! Yessir, it's going to be a late one for me tonight. Anyone else buring the old midnight oil, tooting the industrious call of the night owl, stoking the flames of the furness of intellectual persuit on a graveyard shift? Hmmm... Please let the transcribing end...

User: Lara - 07 June 2008 01:51

hey, how did your transcribing go and burning the midnight oil last night?

i've been procrastinating most of this evening. i feel i should do a couple of hours before i head to bed.

anyone else up and trying to work?

User: Walminskipeasucker - 23 July 2008 00:39

Sorry Lara, I didn't know you asked me how I got on the last time I posted in this thread - I wasn't being intentionally rude, just ignorant To reply belatedly, I finished it quite early in the morning and, unfortunately, the experience of doing it is a terrifying prelude to the sheer amount of transcribing I'll have to do this coming term.

Well, I'm working late tonight, trying to get something out of an absolutely crap day, and the forum is deathly quiet.... Am I working alone or is there life out there?

User: littlemissworry - 23 July 2008 16:02

I have to say I am the complete opposite! I find it really hard to work in the evening and even when it gets to 4pmish I find my brain turns to mush and I just can't do anything productive at all (like now)! I'm quite worried about when it comes to write up and I need to put the hrs in in the evening too cos I just can't seem to accomplish anything.

User: chrisrolinski - 24 July 2008 11:46

I'm going to be up all night for the forseeable future. I've had a stressful month with my bike being stolen, and golfish dying, and not knowing where to go with my chapter. So chapter due in a week, and a lot to do.

User: Walminskipeasucker - 24 July 2008 11:55

Sorry to hear that your bike was stolen and your goldfish died - grim I'm in a similar situation to you with my work - chasing my proverbial tail. Well, I'll be working late too for the foreseeable future - so you're not alone

User: Jayney - 24 July 2008 12:02

Hey chrisrolinski - my goldfish of six years died lst month. I was actually quite sad and missed his little dancing mug about my kitchen. Rubbish news about your bike too.. The chapter will work out though - I was in the doldrums with my second chapter last week and yesterday it worked itself out, ta-da! Such is the nature of this work...

Do you guys really work all night?! I need sunlight to work personally. And working into the night reminds me of the days at uni #1, being a slack undergrad and pulling 'allnighters' with pro plus (to get in a 2000 word essay where reading list was seven books long and the answer was probably in the title...). so working at night actually makes me feel naughty and unorganised.

User: chrisrolinski - 24 July 2008 14:56

I am horribly disorganised. And waste so much time. I deserve everything my stupid work strategy throws at me!

At least I am currently typing the in the daylight looking at my plants on the windowsill, that is quite restful. But at night, I feel the pressure, and actually work!

User: chrisrolinski - 24 July 2008 14:59

Sorry to hear about your goldfish too Jayney!

User: Walminskipeasucker - 24 July 2008 23:23

Choo choo! All aboard the nocturnal workers' express! Who'll be joining me tonight as I travel along the route of late night, lonely work?

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