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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: BilboBaggins - 01 October 2009 22:14

Glad the interview went ok Alpacalover. Even if you don't go for the job it's good experience to have gone through the interview.

I'm not planning on being a nocturnal worker tonight because I managed a double whammy of editing last night and am very knocked out today - even more than usual! So plan to just sleep hopefully. Will be back the night after.

Good luck to everyeone else out there.

User: Alpacalover - 01 October 2009 22:24

Thanks Bilbo, yeah was good interview experience - and i always appreciate that as i'm really not confident at all!

well done you, a big gold star :) you deserve a night off and an early bed then! I really hope you sleep well!

I'm away tomorrow so be back sat night/sunday!

Good luck for a weekend of work

User: Sue2604 - 01 October 2009 23:05

Yes, I'm here too, altho have to go and spend the morning in the library for RA work. Would rather finish a conference paper - so close, but the last bits are taking so long! But had a good day yesterday, was actually a bit inspired and threw out some of concepts of my sup's which I don't think work - so, am being brave too!

Days are getting longer here - aahhh!! Which also means it's going to get stinking hot where I am, which I hate. But we're having gorgeous spring days at the moment.

Good luck with your nocturnal studies everyone.

User: BilboBaggins - 02 October 2009 00:17

Quote From teek:

On which note.... does anyone else feel that they're a little bit gleeful about the arrival of the darker nights? I seem to be delighted with the crisp air and minight skies just now, I wonder if it's just an extension of the nightly peace I've taken to.
Autumn is my favourite time of year. Darkening nights and crisp weather. Love it. I think it's partly a legacy of too many decades of school and university, with the new academic term always starting around now (at least on this side of the globe!) so it feels like a fresh start. But I also prefer the weather, and find it a big relief from the summer which can be too hot for me.

User: Alpacalover - 02 October 2009 00:40

I do like autumn really - just mainly if i'm inside and warm, its just the closeness of winter that bothers me! :( SAD is awful and it gets me every year!

ANYWAY - I am off to bed!

Introduction, final section DONE
aims and hypothesis - DONE :p

hopefully nice long sleep and a final edit, check references tomorrow and off to boss before a night away from home!


hope rest of night successful for anyone still up!
night night x

User: Alpacalover - 04 October 2009 22:31

Well, how pathetic have I been this weekend - VERY!!! managed to get final draft of intro to supervisor on friday before driving to manchester for gig - which was fab! then came back up road yesterday, and out for dinner iwth friends as our old uni mate was back from Norway for a week. Had lovely time but has left me totally shattered - not used to socialising these days! :) got up today eventually after just wanting to stay in bed all day! and have done NOTHING! did watch a whole weeks recap of come dine with me - no better than Xfactor really ;)

just thought, i'll check over my intro but not much point really as its gone to boss now! and its getting late, in lab all week and want to just go to bed! Maybe, like Eska I need to just call it a wasted day and look for tomorrow! but I feel guilty every time i'm not at my desk at the moment!!!

anyway, just really wanted to get it off my chest and hope others are doing better and had good productive weekend!

User: BilboBaggins - 04 October 2009 22:43

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Quote From Alpacalover:
but I feel guilty every time i'm not at my desk at the moment!!!
I take weekends off to be honest. I need the rest, and don't want to put myself under too much pressure to be producing PhD work every day.

And I did nothing useful this weekend. Apart from slept and was very very sick from Friday night until Saturday lunchtime. Feeling better now, but very weak. Have meeting with supervisor next week to discuss final changes to my thesis. So looking forward optimistically to doing more rewriting, and colouring in done suggestions with a highlighter pen!

But for now it's more rest for me. Hope everyone else gets on ok.

User: Alpacalover - 04 October 2009 22:52

Thanks Bilbo, I know I do need time off, I just feel I had friday afternoon and all day saturday and I really should have done work today as in lab all week and then following week will be lesson planning for my first lecturing!! :(

So sorry to hear you've been ill this weekend, glad you're better now though.

I hope your meeting goes well with supervisor! I think i'm going to be having an interesting week! hopefully get some nice results for 4th chapter, and going to try and write in evenings towards finishing discussion in 2nd one. But also find out about a job i went for interview for, have no idea whether i'm in with chance but its going to be a kind of life changing decision to make if offered it so trying to think about what i want to do! Don't want to leave them hanging and say, can you give me day or two to think about it!!

Too many things to think about and do and therefore should be getting on with it but instead just want to sit and stare at a blank wall!! :-s

anyway, thanks for nice message and get a good sleep tonight!

User: eska - 04 October 2009 23:07

Alpacalover - I think Come Dine With Me is morally superior to X Factor. I feel a little bit amoral, especially as I enjoyed it - it's a good way to rest the brain though.

User: Alpacalover - 04 October 2009 23:11

heehee, i love Xfactor too, TV is ace for just staring out and relaxing the brain! do not feel amoral, we all need these things to chill out with! I just like watching them make food and also thinking - i could totally do with 1000£ and maybe I should participate! don't know what kind of person that makes me....! :)

User: eska - 04 October 2009 23:17

If you ever do Come Dine With Me you need to spend all of the 100 quid they give you on food and drink, the people who skimp never win. Words of wisdom from Eska here. Timing also needs to be spot, so they're not waiting for food, and don't have anythong too odd around the house. I'd do it in a shot if it wasn't on TV, I'm just not ready for that public a profile - I've done fantasy Come Dine With Me in my head a few times though - keep it simple, no entertainment, invest time and money in the food and drink.

User: Alpacalover - 04 October 2009 23:21

heehee, you sound just like me, i have done "fantasy Come Dine with Me" too! :) defo never skimp and do something not too mental, timing etc! I never get the folks who use a recipe they've never tried before either!!! how silly! I would probably get a few friends over and do a test run, make sure had it all timed etc, but cook for my mates quite a bit anyway - or used to until last 2 years! and they always love my food so i have considered it - but like you, just the whole tv thing that puts me off! I always wonder, what kind of folks what go onto this programme, but for £1000 and if you didnt make a fool of yourself!?! never know what kind of crazies you'd have to invite into your home though....! :) maybe one day!

User: eska - 04 October 2009 23:26

Yeah, I'm really tempted, but I reckon if Dave could get any mileage out of you he would be ruthless, that's the best part of the show! Maybe when I'm really old and I don't care any more. I don't get people who cook stuff for the first time either, fools! The people who get loads of help, but don't tell the other diners usually do really well, but I'm not sure I could get through the week without blurting it out.

User: Alpacalover - 05 October 2009 21:07

Dave does come out with some hilarious lines! :) maybe one day eh...!

Well, i am coming down with yet another cold! can hardly breath, headachey, cold and totally bunged up! been in lab today and in for rest of week and really have to be to get these experiments done as relying on other lab and people have taken time out to help me!
Came home to get stuck into my second chapter, read through what I have so far and made a few edits of glaringly obvious stuff, but now need to get on with discussion and my brain is mush! :(

Just don't know how to get started and how i'm going to write discussions for 4 chapters that have totally rubbish results!

oh well, must soldier on, just want to do a little and then can go to bed! Good luck to anyone out there tonight

User: sheena - 05 October 2009 23:07

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Back after few days, just to tick off the planned work. The editing DONE for this chapter :-) but took almost two months due to so many reasons.

Anyway I will leave that for now and move to the next one. Maybe from tomorrow, while I'm still interested in it. need a new plan for this month although a week has gone by.

Aim: Start a new chapter
Task for this week: Gather all the results and finish writing that off.

Alphacalover, sorry hear you are not well. I have just recovered. Just need to rest, as nothing else will work.
Eska, (up) on writing

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