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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: moonblue - 26 November 2009 00:13

Ah, sorry to hear your piles of paper aren't shrinking (yet). Paper aeroplanes?

I hope you get lots of work done - but also get some sleep! :-)

I really ought to turn the computer off now ... alarm will go off in 7 hours and no doubt I'll be woken up at least once during the night by children / dog / cats ...

User: BilboBaggins - 26 November 2009 00:48

Right that's me checking off now. My 200 page pile has been split into a huge pile I can ignore, and a pile of about 50 pages with things to be done. Some of them are very minor though, so it's not so bad. And at least I've now reduced the task (at least visible version of it!) somewhat. But tackling it is for another day.

Night all.

User: chrisrolinski - 30 November 2009 21:16

I have a paper to completely rewrite for a journal by the end of the week, erp! Many nocturnal hours this week. :-s:$

User: Sue2604 - 30 November 2009 21:49

Hi Crisrolinksi

It can be done! Recently I had to completely rewrite a journal article too, and I spent 3 16 hour days doing it, but that did it. And am right now reading the proof of it - it looks so beautiful (sob!)!

User: chrisrolinski - 30 November 2009 22:23

Quote From Sue2604:

Hi Crisrolinksi

It can be done! Recently I had to completely rewrite a journal article too, and I spent 3 16 hour days doing it, but that did it. And am right now reading the proof of it - it looks so beautiful (sob!)!
Heh! Congratulations! Yes, I have a similar schedule planned!!! I am hoping the end result will be beautiful too!!! My writing from a year ago seems so ugly and I have to rewrite it because if it is published in three months I want it to reflect well on me!!

I'm cutting my favourite picture from it (humanities subject) to stick above the computer to motivate me!

User: maria1 - 30 November 2009 22:28

Guys not sure how I managed this but I have a 20 minute presentation to write for Thursday which I have not started, or even thought about yet. I managed to write the wrong week in my diary; I hate myself. Going to be a long week for me too...M,x

User: BilboBaggins - 30 November 2009 22:42

I'm planning on sitting up tonight. It's too blooming cold to sleep comfortably (well that's part of my excuse), and I'd like to get on with getting through my remaining pages of thesis rewrites. So sitting up in the cold. Doesn't sound quite so appealing when I put it like that!

User: BilboBaggins - 01 December 2009 02:40

Ok that's me signing off again. Nasty pile now reduced from 24 to 14 pages, and I've earmarked the next 4 I'm going to tackle. Good progress.

Night all.

User: walminskipeasucker - 03 December 2009 20:51

It's paper-writing party time at Walminskipeasuckers! Please tell me I'm not the only literary midnight dancer in the corner tonight. Being the only passenger on the Midnight Express can be a lonely occupation. Oh well, choo choo and away I go.:-)

User: teek - 03 December 2009 22:21

Fear not Wal, not only did I start my day at a totally uncivilised 5.40am, I am indeed also aboard the midnight express.
I have this bizarre notion that getting that presentation in a few hours before the deadline will make me look organized. Well, it would if I ever got off here and wrote it!

How's the paper treating you?

User: chrisrolinski - 03 December 2009 22:46

I will be up until the wee hours doing the corrections on a journal article. it is 23:48 here and I am already exhausted but I reckon in three hours i will be done!

User: walminskipeasucker - 03 December 2009 22:52

Hello, Chrisrolinki and Teek. Let's go and sit in first class where there's lot of room to do work! The paper I am writing is horrible and the most evil type of all - the systematic literature review. It's challenging because the breadth of coverage is enormous and quite specialised. It's about 10, 000 words but I have an inkling that it's just going to be too big and will need cutting down. So, I'm going to get as much done on it as I can before going to bed and starting on it again tomorrow.

User: Sue2604 - 03 December 2009 23:08

I'm here too, feeling completely unmotivated on a Fri morning, and just feel like going Xmas shopping. I bought some pressies last night and now the urge is on me...but No!! Have almost finished a really awful zero draft of a paper, so better go and have a look at that. Nice to have company.

User: teek - 03 December 2009 23:54

*settles into the plush seats of first class and orders some of their finest columbian coffee*

Well done Sue, Chris and Wal, sounds like you're all doing some hardcore writing tonight! It heartens me to be in such fine, if virtual, company.
I meanwhile, am simply faffing about trying to draw pretty pictures in powerpoint (they all look a bit shit so far).

User: BilboBaggins - 03 December 2009 23:58

Good luck to all the night train people tonight. I'm tucked up in bed and going to sleep shortly. Did a little PhD stuff earlier (figuring out what's left to sort out in my thesis), but am leaving more PhD stuff until tomorrow. Nice to see you lot have each other for company though tonight. Hope it's a productive one.

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