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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: walminskipeasucker - 16 December 2009 00:02

Quote From moonblue:

Now, let me see about the underlying epistemological and ontological (aargh!) positions ... knowledge is generated randomly and by coincidence, reality is what students underline in library books.

Bloody hell Moonblue, you've just described the basis of my PhD!

User: moonblue - 16 December 2009 00:27

Quote From walminskipeasucker:

Quote From moonblue:

Now, let me see about the underlying epistemological and ontological (aargh!) positions ... knowledge is generated randomly and by coincidence, reality is what students underline in library books.

Bloody hell Moonblue, you've just described the basis of my PhD!

Ah, excellent. Does that mean it makes sense after all?

I have done it! I have just submitted it electronically - it's such an awful essay, I'm surprised I didn't get an electronic error message when I submitted it... Now I just have to print it out.

I am so tired, I want to go to bed ... still got to let the dog out and make a hot waterbottle. I'd better be careful not to throw the hot waterbottle into the garden and fill the dog with hot water. :$ (Not that I throw the dog into the garden, I hasten to add...)

Good night, all you nocturnal workers. Have fun on the Midnight Express (I hope it has sleeping compartments?).


User: chrisrolinski - 03 January 2010 21:32

I am doing the changes to the print proof the journal editor has send me, they have messed up the footnotes (sigh) so a long night. but, yay, almost done, and it looks weird as a proper article ;)

User: chrisrolinski - 07 January 2010 20:54

Here again working on a redraft of a chapter. Only got a bit more to do. Must do it. Must. (sprout)

User: chrisrolinski - 11 January 2010 01:51

at 3am finally finished a chapter. so tired, have 7 weeks to submit the thesis, and I have a presentation to give tmrw too. le sigh.


User: Sue2604 - 11 January 2010 08:28

Keep going Chrisrolinski!! You're so close!!! Keep going, you'll get there! Think how you're going to feel in 7 weeks!! :-)

User: teek - 13 January 2010 20:39

Hi all

I need to atone for my Christmas break sins, so having got to the office at 8.30am I am still solidly here at the same hour of pm. Guilt (and the not so tempting lure of a grumpy husband at home) see me comfortably esconced on the plush seats of the nightly phd train. I'm feeling good though, answers are coming via a science forum I use and with some copy-paste-tastic work I am safely into double figures for my thousands of words. It's a confidence that will be short lived I'm sure, but I'm enjoying it!

How is everyone else doing?

User: BilboBaggins - 13 January 2010 21:18

Good luck Teek. I'm having the day off today, but hope to do at least an hour's work (my modest target 5 times a week) tomorrow night. Am near the end of my easy thesis fixes (reached p190 out of my approximately 200 pages of core text), and soon to tackle the nasty ones.

User: teek - 14 January 2010 10:28

Bilbo that's fantastic, you're so close!
Rooting for you from the frozen North :-)

User: BilboBaggins - 14 January 2010 10:55

Thanks Teek! I might be further north than you though. Think Celtic country :)

User: teek - 14 January 2010 11:09

Hehe, how intriguing Bilbo. We may be closer than I thought. For my part think shaggy cows with curvy horns ;)

User: BilboBaggins - 14 January 2010 14:42

Ok not far away then! :)

User: alpacalover - 14 January 2010 20:25

hmmm, how weird would it be if we all lived close by!! i'm up the north end too and its pretty freezing today :( Well done Bilbo, must be so good to be so close! very proud of you!!
I really wish I had your determination! I'm seriously struggling right now, and just can't imagine ever producing a thesis of quality standard!! I've got monitoring committee tomorrow and have all that ready, and meeting with my boss on Saturday (!!!) to go over all my results and see what his opinion is. Its all very upsetting to look at results etc and realise that in teh 3years of stressful, tearful, and extremely shattering lab work I haven't seemed to have produced anything of relevance or excitement!
I know, i've added to knowledge, even if negative, it doesn't matter what the research results are as long as you can write the thesis and get the PhD etc! but it's just not how I saw it at the start, I was so excited, and now I just feel deflated and hate the thought of spending all my free time for the next 6months trying to explain why everything is so INsignificant and how it could have been better researched etc! :(

Oh well, thats my moan over, nice to get it off my chest! time to spend the next hour or so preparing for chat with committee tomorrow and put some more rubbish data together, then its off to bed!

Good luck folks!
Teek - i hope you're getting on ok with your post-christmas atonement!?

User: BilboBaggins - 14 January 2010 21:50

Hang on in there Alpacalover. You'll get there. Good luck with the monitoring committee. I had one of those a few weeks before Christmas.

Been working since 9pm on more thesis feedback editing, but my yellow highlighter pen that I use to scribble out my supervisor's comments to show that they've been processed has almost run out. Will have to send hubby (who works at uni) to buy me a new highlighter pen tomorrow :p

I'll be stopping soon. Good luck to anyone else out there tonight.

User: BilboBaggins - 15 January 2010 23:49

Managed a couple of hours tonight, so really pleased with that. Have been tackling the nasty pile of remaining feedback, and it's got a lot smaller. Hope to do a bit more over the weekend sometime.

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