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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: chrisrolinski - 11 April 2010 22:58

Anybody working tonight? (down)(sprout)

I shall be here for hours, listening to mellow Icelandic post-rock as I type...

User: alpacalover - 11 April 2010 23:03

Hi Chris,
I'm afraid i'm just about to get off the train, i've just finished for the night!
I hope you have a productive one! Enjoy the rock! :)

User: emaa - 11 April 2010 23:09

I live in Switzerland, and at 11p.m I can not see any light in the other buildings, all people are sleeping. I feel that I am the only person in this country who is still awake. But I do my best work at night.

User: chrisrolinski - 11 April 2010 23:45


Ohh Switzerland! I used to live in Germany and I lived in a quiet of suburb of Berlin. When I was working on the thesis in the night I could walk around in the snow late at night and not see anybody!

User: 404 - 12 April 2010 05:36

another night, lots of words written... I hope the other nocturnals had a productive night. I'll need to get some power-sleep. Can somebody wake me up at 9 this morning please? :p

User: nalie50 - 12 April 2010 14:29

chrisrolinski, that is just so sad man... I gues the walk woke you up huh?

I walk home late and have to pass through a park and tis soooo creppy...pepperspray!!!!

so tired today........MArking the students that I tutor and slowly falling into my paper..runing 7km after school was a bad idea!(turkey)

User: walminskipeasucker - 16 April 2010 22:50

Listen, listen, tap, tap,
page after page, crap, crap,
transcribing all day long, unable to listen to songs,
and now it's the night, yawn, yawn,
hopefully I'll be in bed before dawn.

I'm on the Midnight Express tonight, and probably will be for most nights for the foreseeable future. Never mind though because one day I'm going to finish.

User: chrisrolinski - 17 April 2010 21:13

Saturday night, dance I like the way you move, pretty baby,

Saturday Night, Saturday Night, you drive me crazy.........

User: amanda - 17 April 2010 21:21

lol chrisrolenski.. all this work is getting to u .. i just sat down to do some work but i am really not in the mood to do any

User: chrisrolinski - 17 April 2010 21:27

Listening to frivolous pop from the 90s is the only way of denying to myself how serious the thesis process is!

So aged and bitter. Somebody thought I looked 20 today - which amazes me. I am 26 - almost 27. I thought this process had aged me like the chalace in Indiana Jones!

Back to work......I'll be here until 2am!

User: amanda - 17 April 2010 21:33

Wohoo cool similar age to u .. 27....after u hand in ur thesis.. u will be free to have fun for some time .. i wont tell u what i listen to when i try doing my work

User: chrisrolinski - 17 April 2010 22:05

I just completed my doctoral thesis's introduction whilst listening to Britney Spears "Lucky" c. 2000 :p

User: amanda - 17 April 2010 22:37

lol... well thats good.. lets see if i finish my conclusions and future work tomoro to Trance lol... u no it has that beat which makes u go faster ..or lets say wakes u up

User: chrisrolinski - 17 April 2010 23:45

Must stay up and finish conclusion. Off to make a cup of tea and toast - and the to get back to it!

User: amanda - 17 April 2010 23:55

Keep up the good work chrisrolinski .. nearlly there

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