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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: ev - 30 August 2010 22:38

I plan to work til 12 or so then relax for an hour, bed and back up at 5 - seems like overkill but I have a tendency to forgot what I'm supposed to say when I'm nervous so I want to practice, practice, practice!! 1hr20 mins to go- much to do. Good luck everyone (up)

User: alpacalover - 30 August 2010 22:51

i'm working! :(
Absolutely dead beat, but just got very last corrections back from proofreading, and i'm working the next two nights and need to submit on Friday!!!!!!

So must get it all done tonight and tidied so I can send it to sup for final once over, giving me time to have a last read over myself Thursday night and hopefully to the printers.

My head hurts and my heart is pounding..........

User: algaequeen - 30 August 2010 22:56

Oh AL!! At least come this weekend, you will be able to relax and forget about it all for a while, I can't believe you are so close to finishing! I'm so pleased for you!! Except for the insane tiredness and stress though, you really do have my sympathies!

It's nice to know I'm not alone on here though! I'm working on a chapter too Wally, doing the first draft of a new combined chapter - almost worse than having to start form scratch, finding a way to merge two chapters! An Ev, don't stress too much about your talk, get some decent sleep tonight so you're on the ball tomorrow and good luck!!

Now, the next section to go....

User: alpacalover - 30 August 2010 23:20

Thanks AQ, I know it's mad, I can't believe it! It will be your turn very soon though! :)

Good luck to both you and Wal for the chapters, I agree editing and redrafting is just as bad! I find it so hard to look at even a paragraph and think about how to change it, never mind a whole chapter.

And Ev, AQ is right, don't tire yourself out, get some good rest too, and i'm sure you will do fantastically tomorrow. Good luck!


User: algaequeen - 30 August 2010 23:55

ok, I'm done for this evening!! I have changed this chapter to one that is 33 pages instead, although the font is only size 11 and I've still got to add the abstract.. :) But the main body is done, I will be picking it over with a fine tooth comb in the the morning and no doubt changing things before sending it off to be annihilated by by sups.

So it's almost 1 am here, and I'm signing off folks, good luck everyone!

User: alpacalover - 31 August 2010 00:09

Well done AQ, sleep well!

I hope it still looks good in the morning and sup gives some nice, positive feedback.

AL x

User: walminskipeasucker - 31 August 2010 01:28

Well, I'm done for the night but I'll be back tomorrow around the same time - meh.

User: alpacalover - 31 August 2010 02:03

Done for the night!! I have just finished hopefully my last edit and sent all chapters to supervisor in lovely pdf format!! time for bed, i'm shattered!

After all that converting, splitting and merging I really hope I don't find any mistakes......hahahahahaha!!

night folks, AL

User: alpacalover - 31 August 2010 21:40

Anyone else working tonight?
I swore I wouldn't tonight as I was up til 2.30 last night and slept awful again. But here I am reading through Chapter 2!

User: algaequeen - 01 September 2010 00:23

I'm here Al!! Sorry I meant to log on earlier but got sidetracked by an email from my sup looking for the chapter I'm finishing tonight! I'm almost there, one last read through the discussion and I can send it. Getting extremely nervous about meeting my deadline though, I can't see it happening!! Doesn't help that I fell out with the boyf last night and haven't spoken today much and he's being a total idiot.... Ah well!!

Hope you're getting on ok, and not up too late tonight!!

User: algaequeen - 01 September 2010 01:12

Ok I'm done for tonight!! See you all in the morning!

User: Slizor - 01 September 2010 04:26

I'm not sure if this counts as nocturnal working or not. I think the sun may rise soonish and I'm not even doing my own work. Oh well, it's been a very long day that is yet to finish.

User: algaequeen - 01 September 2010 22:26

God Slizor you were fairly burning the midnight oil last night! Hope you got sorted though and had a good rest!

I'm signing on for a little while tonight, although I'm not sure how long I can last - just discovered we have a proper cockroach family here and now I'm totally paranoid they are crawling over me, haven't been able to concentrate for the past 20 mins. I keep freaking out at the slightest shadow and brushing non-existent insects off myself!!

Ah hoo, must crack on with this chapter though, the viva waits for no insect...

User: teek - 02 September 2010 00:02

Hey Algae,

Well you've got me for company tonight.
Serious sympathies on the cockroach front, eek! We once had a problem with them at my dad's place in Southern France, we seemed to get rid of them with the basic chemical warfare though so hopefully tomorrow you can mount an attack and reclaim your home.

Despite having three weeks until I move across the country to start my Masters, I managed yet another day of zero progress (what in God's name is wrong with me?!). So I'm sitting up with coffee and a determined grimace.

Full steam ahead on the midnight express......

User: walminskipeasucker - 02 September 2010 01:52

I have a real shock today. I went out to my wheelie bin to chuck a carton away and a wasp flew out. What kind of a sick person would chuck a wasp in the bin?

I'm done for the night. Total words typed up = 3106. Remaining chapters to do = 2 and 1/3. Over and out.

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