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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: teek - 02 September 2010 02:13

I found the same in my (over-full) glass-recycling box.
A wasp that is, not a sick person.

Well done on that word count wally! I'm not going at lightening speed, but I am getting some stuff done so I reckon I'll stay up for a bit yet. That said, so far my best plan for this section is still to bribe the postdoc I work with to write it for me - he understands it better than I ever will, and what's a spot of plagiarism between friends?

(NB - in case anyone knows me in real life, I am joking about the plagiarism..........This postdoc would never be that helpful)

User: teek - 02 September 2010 03:36

Right, 1000 words, a few tables and almost finished the method section for that chapter. Time for bed I think. Night all (up)

User: algaequeen - 02 September 2010 11:23

ah What a nightmare!! After having a massive flip out when I went to make tea at 1am this morning and saw the bloody b*****ds ('scuse my language) crawling all over the sink I had enough! There were loads of the wee ones, and one mah-hoosive bad ass roach, which we managed to trap and kill. But I couldn't take anymore and went to bed! I shall prob be back on tonight though, lost some work time last night which is desperately needed. And Teek, we are living in an apartment block here and apparently they are all over the place so we have to wait for the 'residence committee' to make some room in the budget to pay for someone to fumigate the place! and the french boyf refuses to pay for someone himself when the cockroaches will just come back anyway, so we are just getting traps or something until the proper person comes with chemicals. And this morning I turned on my laptop to be greeted with this strange crunching/clicking sound - turns out a cockroach had taken up residence on my laptop cooling tray and got caught up in the fan when I started it up, so I had to take tweezers and pluck out all the bits and pieces of his body and legs. Wonderful. I hate France...


User: teek - 02 September 2010 23:29

Oh Algae, that really is rubbish, damn insects! And damn lack of power over your own living space! :-s
Could you lay trails of tasty food to lure them into neighbours appartments so they all get stressed and campaign for fumigation as well?

I'm back on the midnight express yet again, having orbited my laptop since 10am but failed to achieve a single thing. I feel very strongly that this is not how your final weeks are meant to go, but I no longer feel capable of that hectic work intensity. I think I need Sue to fly over and knock some discipline into me!

User: walminskipeasucker - 03 September 2010 00:22

Right, I'm calling at do for today...well, judging by the time, some of the day. Where did the last day go? I've done yet another commentary (1,300 words) and have one more to do. I'll give myself a week to get the next one done because it's a hard one. I'm never ever going to make another questionnaire ever again.

User: teek - 03 September 2010 00:32

Well done Wally, I shall try to use your good work as inspiration.

In the meantime.... here are the procrastinatory haiku I just wrote instead of finishing methodology in chapter 5:

An entire day
Spent orbiting my laptop
Yet no words to show

Overheating Dell
Five firefox windows open
Empty word doc still

19 days 'til move
Two chapters yet unwritten
Supervisor groans

An ambitious start
Then reality, three years....
Please just let me leave

I'm not sure that haiku were designed for expressing doctoral angst, but I must say, I think the stark format captures it very well.

User: algaequeen - 05 September 2010 00:25

Love the Haiku Teek :) I'm almost done for the night, my eyes are stinging and I think it's time to go and lie in bed unable to sleep, not sure my back can hold me upright much longer.

Just another few tables... anyone else on the midnight express?

User: teek - 05 September 2010 01:14

Fear not lovely Algae, I am here again to keep you company. Right now I seem to be on a mission to keep the wierdest hours possible, today's tally for example;

Quit Friday's work at about 1am Saturday morning.
Woke randomly in the dark so re-started and worked from 5-7am.
Pissed about all day, so re-started again at about midnight, now into Sunday morning technically.

I mean really, WTF am I doing? It's like I'm trying to find some magic territory in which I'm too tired to be distracted, yet somehow still have the ability to work on my thesis (yes, I suspect that this is a mythical land, in fact I probably have a better chance of finding Narnia behind the winter labcoats). But still, desperation does what it will. So back to eating coffee beans and trying to care about chapter five.......

User: teek - 05 September 2010 04:32

How is it 4.30am, yet I seem to have done no more than an hour's work?

Oh well, I guess if I put in enough hours it'll compensate for the low efficiency. Night all :-)

User: walminskipeasucker - 05 September 2010 21:38

Anyone working late tonight? After 2 days away from work, I am:$

User: algaequeen - 05 September 2010 22:02

Hello there Walminski! I'm here, got my iced coffee, music and ready to go! I've spent all day doing stats and graphs for this chapter, going to start trying to write it up now, I hate these bits...

Hope you had a nice break from work!

User: teek - 05 September 2010 22:37

Me too Wally.
Ooh, iced coffee algae......that sounds like a very tasty distraction!

User: algaequeen - 05 September 2010 23:02

Yea it's amazing Teek, and I have you to thanks for it after you suggested it when it was super hot here and I couldn't drink normal coffee! It's so handy, I make a nice big batch of hot coffee in the morning and have a cup, stick some sugar into what's remaining and whack that in the fridge for iced coffee later! Plus I'm convinced the caffeine hit is stronger from iced coffee, the smell of my coffee breath definitely is! :$

Big up the midnight train!! ( I may have had too much coffee... :-) )

User: starfish - 05 September 2010 23:13

I'm MSc, rather than phd... but also up late. No coffee for me tho, so I will probably crack first, work in the morning too. Just trying to get the figures on my to do list finished...

User: algaequeen - 06 September 2010 00:07

why oh why did excel change graphs?! I've spent ages trying to do a normal cluster histogram on excel, and I can't get it to come to right! All the columns are on top of each other, they won't separate! I've tried everything! Arrrgh!!

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