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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: mokey - 29 October 2007 00:52

Anyone burning the midnight oil this evening? Do you find that even though you are most productive at night, you still feel guilty for not getting the work done during the day - or is that just me??

User: Sara - 28 October 2007 22:13

Same here sylvester

User: kc - 28 October 2007 19:32

Me too! It's got a bit extreme though, going to bed at 8am after a night of thesis-writing is OK apart from when the rest of the world wants to bother you during the 9-5 zone

User: sylvester - 26 October 2007 17:49

It's something I've kind of known about myself for years but I've tried to force myself into doing it during normal daylight hours. It doesn't work as I never manage to generate any momentum in the daytime, hence lots of faffing around and general procrastination. If I'm going to stand any chance at all getting this done in 3 years me thinks burning the midnight oil will be the only way. Just as well I don't suffer from seasonal affective disorder!

User: Walminskipeasucker - 26 October 2007 14:31

I'm with you two! I'm absolutely crap during the day, don't really manage to get much done. However at night, for some reason, I can get loads done.

User: o.stoll - 26 October 2007 02:14

Unbelievable. Sylvester, you truly sound like my soulmate. It's 2.13am, I just ordered a double cheese pizza delivery, drank a bottle of coffee to stay awake and hope to pull now a nice all nighter to make up for this weeks procrastination. Funnily, I always thought that it's only the PhD which makes me do this, but even now I still find myself unproductive during the day and highly productive during the night.

"All night long, I'm working, all night long...all night long"

User: jojo - 26 October 2007 02:03

am a night owl as well. my best work is produced between 10pm and 3am.

User: sylvester - 26 October 2007 01:51

Greetings fellow nocturnal workers, i thought a thread to celebrate all things nocturnalness was appropriate. Today I finally realised that after trying for the best part of the last year to work 9-5 hours, I just can't produce the quantity and quality of work that I'm able to produce in the small hours. So I'm changing my working hours to suit my most productive periods.

I don't know what everyone else thinks, but there's too much visual and audible noise in the daytime which stops me from getting into the "zone". I guess it's horses for courses depending on whether you're and owl or a lark, but what time of day does everyone else produce their best stuff?

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