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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: olivia - 03 August 2008 03:45

OK, cannot resist one more...its sort of an Olympic mood one...
Monsterpiece Theatre, Chariots of Fur!

User: Walminskipeasucker - 04 August 2008 23:13

Workey, workey work, work, work! Anybody else partaking in a little brain activity tonight???

User: bettyspaghetti - 04 August 2008 23:47

Yep I'm writing a few section intros and conclusions... they're the most difficult bits if you ask me

User: Walminskipeasucker - 05 August 2008 00:03

Sounds grim. I'm doing an annual progress report, and trying to sort some methods. Such a lot to do...Hope it goes well for ya anyway.

User: bettyspaghetti - 05 August 2008 01:19

I think I might give up soon. Hope your report is going ok.

User: rosmersholm - 05 August 2008 02:17

I'm signing in for duty - for transcribing until the early hours.

Wish me luck - I have Pepsi on standby and episodes of Roseanne for my breaks....

User: mlis - 05 August 2008 14:54

Yep, I am also a night owl. I struggle to focus during the day, but at night I just churn out the writing - last night I worked until 3am and then made a snack and watched a movie to relax - it was getting light when I went to bed. However I do sometimes feel that I shouldn't really be awake and eating toasties while everyone else is asleep.

I think it's because I feel pressured to work during the day and it's counter-productive, whereas at night you're not really supposed to be working, so there's no pressure (and no interruptions) and therefore I achieve more when working at night.

User: Walminskipeasucker - 05 August 2008 21:18

Is anyone 'going nuclear' with their efforts and working late tonight? Hope I'm not the only one adrift in the twilight zone on a sea of work in a pathetic raft made of my pathetic, weedy and atrophied brain neurons...

User: Lara - 05 August 2008 21:42

mlis you're my clone! lol

i did that too...most of the day i was panicking and runinng around like a headless chicken, and then at night i would start, in order to do *something* before i went to bed, and then it would end up being like 2am, and THEN i would have dinner and relax with a dvd, watching "medium". i know what you mean, at night time, it definately feels less pressure and less disturbance, and then went to bed at sunrise. but felt crap the next day waking up at midday. and physically didnt feel so good though. so trying not to do that anymore.

User: Lara - 05 August 2008 21:45

lol Walminskipeasucker - i love your expression, going nuclear.

i am joining ya! i've been procrastinating all day, and being in a really crappy mood. started a couple of hours and finally managing to sort out my data. its funny when you feel lost and dont know how to do something, you just procrastinate, now that it's coming together. its not so bad :)
will take a break and have some dinner when i finish

good luck with your work!

User: Lara - 05 August 2008 21:47

rosmersholm - i do that sometimes! i have coke or pepsi to give me the buzz to stay alert, and have dvd episodes of my favourite shows on hand for my breaks

sometimes when i am really bored or stuck, i promise myself that i only have to work for 15minutes, and then i can watch 5minutes of a dvd. although sometimes the 15minutes of work turns into 30minutes!

User: EightLines - 05 August 2008 21:55

Definitely a late night worker. Though distractions such as email can be a real pain (self discipline needs a bit more work on my part) and can mean staying up later than is really necessary. There is something about the daytime though that bores me and something about the late evening that inspires me...perhaps its the subconscious realisation that I've wasted a day...(and surely this forum is a way for me to stop reading/writing what I should be, too...argh!)

User: tractorgirl - 05 August 2008 21:57


I am also joining the late night club tonight! Have quite a bit more to do to meet my aims for the day!!!
Happy writing everyone!!!

User: swantje - 06 August 2008 00:01

yay, i passed one of my final exams today - and i did far better than i thought! am very pleased, i thought this exam was going to ruin my overall grade average... now i have 3 weeks to write the discussion and conclusion of my MA thesis - that's looking a bit grim will be spending all my time in my office - just like the last 3 months. did a bit of retail therapy today to celebrate the happy occasion.

and then one more oral exam in mid september...
just thought i would give all of you fellow night-workers a boost

User: tractorgirl - 06 August 2008 00:39

Hi Swantje,

This is brilliant news, well done!! Hope you also enjoyed the retail therapy, you definitely deserve to treat yourself after such great news. Well done again

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