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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: Walminskipeasucker - 06 August 2008 01:02

Hiya fellow night time work warriors! Just checking in to register my disapproval at what a muggy night it is for work. Hope you're all doing well with your work Now then, where's my pen?

User: Walminskipeasucker - 07 August 2008 01:07

Anyone working tonight, or is it just me? Hope things are going well for any late workers.

User: Walminskipeasucker - 07 August 2008 21:17

Anyone knocking off a late night sesh tonight? Ahem, work that is...

User: jennifr - 07 August 2008 21:33


i haven't contributed to this forum for a long, long time, but with an end of Sept submission deadline (and i mean i have to submit!), I have been looking at it a lot. Been finding Lara's posts quite inspirational. I think she also HAS TO submit by Sept??

anyway, I'm working tonight

User: Walminskipeasucker - 07 August 2008 22:40

Hiya Jennifr Sorry to hear that you only have until Sept to submit and I hope I'm not being silly if I say that at least after this last concerted effort, the bugger is all done and behind you. I agree with you about how inspirational Lara's posts are - I take heart from them too! Well, good luck with your work tonight and to all other's too. I think Jouri put thing's right when he says that this line of work sends you slightly mad and burns you out.

User: Lara - 08 August 2008 01:13

awww you guys thanks jennifr and Walminskipeasucker for the nice things you said :)

i am joining the nocturnal thread tonight. had some friends over for dinner, was a nice relaxing fun evening.

will do some work even if it's just abit until i start to nod off..

jennifr , yep, i am in the same boat as you, i HAVE to submit end of sept, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

good luck!!

User: sylvester - 02 September 2008 22:33

Okay, a lazy day now calls for a late night session. Anyone else burning the midnight oil tonight?

User: a116 - 02 September 2008 22:40

I'm here. Feeling the pain. Starting working at 8.30 this morning. No real breaks unless you count weeing...

Any tips?

User: sylvester - 02 September 2008 22:42

Wow, since 8.30 this morning! Are you writing up?

User: a116 - 02 September 2008 22:56

I wish. Just bad bad timing. Applying for 2nd round of ethics, conducting focus groups, conference presentation, paper accepted and report writing all ended up this week.

To be fair, I spend most of my time otherwise being lame and usually, when I get 4 hours productive work a day that's cause for a celebratory glass of vino.


User: sylvester - 02 September 2008 23:02

Coming to end of second year. I have all the data I need to analyse, interpret and write up but suffering from a phase of lack of interest. I want this thing done in 3 years and have shed loads to do to achieve it within the next 12 months, but can't seem to generate any momentum right now. It comes and goes though, and ultimately this thesis isn't going to write itself. So here's to nocturnal working!

User: chrisrolinski - 10 September 2008 23:44

I'm back on this thread again! :p I have a panel in early October and must redraft a chapter and present a run through of my thesis with fancy diagrams etc

I'll be on here somewhat often over the next two weeks!

Anybody else??

User: walminskipeasucker - 10 September 2008 23:55

Hi Chrisrolinski, I will. I have my first interim assessment on the horizon, am working really hard on gaining ethical approval for my data collection and have to start preparing for some weekly workshops I have next semester. The outlook feels so grim at the mo. I get butterflies when I think about just what I have to achieve in such a short space of time - meh! Oh, congrats on that paper for publication you have in the pipeline!

User: chrisrolinski - 11 September 2008 00:09

======= Date Modified 11 Sep 2008 00:09:43 =======
Good luck with the workshop prep. I'm going to be snowed under the whole term with prep for classes and writing the two additional chapters my sups want for Jan! eek. So I have butterflies too!

Still at least I can work nocturnally! Perhaps I was meant to be born a crepuscular animal like a rabbit or owl. Heh.


User: Lara - 11 September 2008 01:08

Hello fellow night owls. i am also still awake trying to finish discussion section of one of my chapters, i wont go to sleep until i get it done:-s

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