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The nocturnal workers' thread

User: ProcrastiPro - 19 September 2008 01:19

Trying to write as well...nice to see someone else is still up. I just need 1200 words more, which is not a big deal, but having trouble focusing on work!

User: chrisrolinski - 19 September 2008 01:22

Good luck procrastipro! i think your name is very resonant with me!:p

User: Lara - 19 September 2008 01:40

======= Date Modified 19 Sep 2008 01:42:11 =======
Hi guys! so happy to hear other people are up at this unGodly hour! i am working at snail pace! but i wont go to bed until i get chapter 5 done!!

good luck you all. and i am too clocking in for the graveyard shift.

Chris, i did that yesterday worked from my bed, Dale Carnegie once said to prevent being tired, sit as comfortably as you can!

Wal, wow lectures eh good luck with that.

and procrastipro, good luck with the 1200 words!
my aims for the night shift are:
1. finish results section
2. edit discussion section
3. edit introduction section
and finalise chapter 5. once and for all!!

User: ProcrastiPro - 19 September 2008 02:23

Thanks Chris, but you can't have my name, I am THE pro in that department unfortunately :=p

And Lara, thanks & good luck too, I know all about snail's pace! but we'll get there.

I have a Dr Pepper in reserve, really can't face any more tea for a while.

User: sylvester - 19 September 2008 02:26

Well, after another disappointing day (only half a day's work today), I'm shortly about to give up for he night.

I'm now a full day behind for this week. If I'm to make up this time, do i sacrifice one day over the weekend (not good for getting rest and may leave me jaded next week) or do I do 2 x 1.5 days? Hmmm. Just had a self heart-to-heart in my diary about why my procrastination habit is getting well-entrenched and what I can seriously do about it to establish a structured, effective work regime. I know what I must do, I just don't want to have to do it! :-s

User: ProcrastiPro - 20 September 2008 23:30

Anybody else toiling away on a Saturday night, soon to be Sunday morning? ("sniff") Actually self-pity is not called for - I had loads of sleep last night...

User: 404 - 20 September 2008 23:41


User: Lara - 21 September 2008 00:05

me too! i have to write my entire introduction chapter for my thesis. eeeeeeeeeeeeeek
my deadline is 6am sunday!

User: ProcrastiPro - 21 September 2008 00:19

Oh good, hope it goes well Lara, you seem to be on a roll anyway! I'm supposed to be finishing a paper, but can't seem to stop looking up unnecessary stuff on silly databases. And then have a chapter overdue.

Are you writing too, 404?

User: Lara - 21 September 2008 01:39

thanks ProcrastiPro, nice to have company on the graveyard shift!! i just splashed my face with cold water to wake myself up! i'm awake now. so far have written 242 words. lol which seem like peanuts

User: thecoastman - 21 September 2008 13:19

Does being in your Department on a Sunday also count as the graveyard shift?

User: Lara - 21 September 2008 13:29

Quote From thecoastman:

Does being in your Department on a Sunday also count as the graveyard shift?
yeh, why not :p

User: chrisrolinski - 21 September 2008 14:07

I'm here.

Here I am. Must be productive. Hmmm, just getting a cup of tea.


Trying to listening to perky swedish band to cheer me up.

User: sylvester - 21 September 2008 14:19

Quote From thecoastman:

Does being in your Department on a Sunday also count as the graveyard shift?
In that case, I'm included as well (I was here yesterday too). That said, I'm taking tomorrow off to go cycling in the hills. Would have gone today but the roads will be full of sightseers. I just hope the weather holds!

User: chrisrolinski - 21 September 2008 22:20

Här är jag igen! Nejjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj! :$:p

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