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Assistance with application process

User: PRC123 - 24 November 2020 09:36

Hello all,

So after speaking with some supervisors and reviewing several online publications and pages, I have decided I would like to undertake a PhD and have been encouraged to apply following a few emails discussing my background etc.
Has anyone got advice on CV/Letter of application? I have reviewed the pages here and some had links that no longer work. I would be forever grateful for any advice/support with this aspect of the process.

User: qsmrf56 - 01 December 2020 11:20

What particular aspect are you seeking assistance in? Is it CV?

a google search on research based academic CVs bring me to the following template link:

Other than that, what you need would depend on the admission process of a particular university.


User: PRC123 - 03 December 2020 17:19

Hello qsmrf56, thank you for your reply, I believe I have now sorted this. I was just unsure if it was similar to a standard CV/Cover letter. I do not have the research background that I am sure other applicants will have and was struggling to see how to make my skills and experience stand out. But think I now have it sorted. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

User: rewt - 03 December 2020 23:47

You don't need research experience to get a PhD. If you are having trouble with what to write think about transferrable and show a passion. you could include any relevant modules from uni, or project work or any part of a job you had. I would say most PhD students have minimal to no research experience when they start, so you aren't at a major disadvantage.

User: PRC123 - 06 December 2020 12:47

Hi rewt, Thank you for the reply, this is good to note re the research. I think I will be OK now. I am going to focus on as you say the transferable skills gained from my career and undergrad/teaching etc. I believe I have a lot to offer potential projects and I am very passionate about my subject area, so hopefully that will be enough to see me through. Thank you again.

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