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Some updates after my last despairing post

User: jw5 - 29 April 2022 18:15

Hi everyone!

Few weeks ago, I made a post about my depression, anxiety, lost and lack of confidence. I started my degree during covid and the journey has been very tough. I strongly believed I could not handle my masters anymore and got zero chances to convert to a PhD as I planned.

I was thinking to have the “last” meeting with my supervisor before quitting. Surprisingly she encouraged me to think in a different perspective and try in a cooperative way. Today, I’ve got upgraded to a PhD, have chance to be an intern in my research area, met other PhD fellows, have enough rest and social life. I would like to thank the fellows here who have encouraged, advised and comforted me. The comments have taken me out of the emotional hell.

User: abababa - 01 May 2022 17:42

That's great to hear. Whilst a PhD (or research in general) has always been a bit of an isolating experience for most people, it was hard to really appreciate the water-cooler/shared office conversations that reminded you everyone has problems until Covid took them away.

In research, you generally only get to see the peer-reviewed, multiple-times corrected, polished successes; you rarely see the rejections, problems, and struggles that it took to get them unless you're there first-hand.

Wishing you every success with the PhD, it sounds deserved.