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Top 5 Most International Universities in Germany

German universities that are best known for maintaining an international outlook and welcoming students from across the world.

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10 Interesting Facts About Germany You Should Know About!

Ten interesting facts about Germany you might not know about but definitely should!

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Do I need to learn German to study in Germany?

Do German universities offer English-taught courses? Will you need to take a language test to study in Germany? We have the answers!

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5 Most Popular Subjects to Study in Germany

The top five searched for research areas in Germany from search data on

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How Germany Invented the PhD – A Quick History

Did you know that the modern-day PhD originated in Germany? We've taken a trip back through time to explore the history of the PhD.

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5 Cheapest German Cities to Live in as a Student

Rent and living costs make up a large percentage of your postgraduate budget. Here are five German cities to live in as a student without running your savings dry.

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Graduate Employability: Top Universities in Germany as Ranked by Employers

A postgraduate course at these five German universities is likely to best prepare you for the real-world.

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6 Ways to Make Postgraduate Study in Germany More Affordable

Planning to study in Germany on a budget? We have six tips to help you save as much as possible!

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