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Postgraduate study at Masters degree level can be challenging, but finding out about it doesn't have to be.
10 Tips for Finding the Perfect PhD Project

A few years ago, Margarida started looking for a PhD. 5 projects and 12 applications later, she found 'the one'. Here are her tips for other students searching for the perfect project.

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by Mark Bennett

03 Mar 2022

What to Ask at Your PhD Interview

Asking good questions at a PhD interview can help you stand out (and get some useful answers!). Here are a few suggestions.

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How I Wrote My Research Proposal

The research proposal may well be the most important part of your PhD application, but what’s it actually like to write one? Kirsty explains how she went about things and what she learned.

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by Marcus Holt

03 Feb 2022

Finding ‘the One’: My PhD Application Journey

Thinking about a PhD and wondering what it’s actually like to apply for one? Marcus shares his PhD application story.

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Seven Steps to a Successful Research Proposal

Writing your research proposal can be a mysterious process filled with many unknowns. Here is some advice on how to do it in seven steps.

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by Mark Bennett

20 Jan 2022

What Happens at a Virtual PhD Fair, Anyway?

Our free online PhD study events are the perfect way to learn more about doctoral study or prepare for your application. Here's why.

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by Mark Bennett

12 Jan 2022

Getting Started With a PhD Application – 7 Steps

Found a PhD? Here's how to plan an effective application and put together the materials you'll need for success.

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by Mark Bennett

06 Jan 2022

Some Simple PhD Application Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

Applying for a PhD is a bit more complex than applying for a Bachelors or Masters. Here are some pitfalls to avoid.

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by Mark Bennett

02 Dec 2021

The Dos and Don'ts of Contacting a PhD Supervisor

Some simple tips on emailing a prospective PhD supervisor for the first time.

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by Melanie Brown

25 Nov 2021

How I (Eventually) Won a PhD Studentship - and How You can Boost Your Chances of Success

What's it like to actually apply for a PhD studentship? And what should you do if you aren't successful? One student shares her experiences.

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