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PhD Blog About Careers

by Nick Willhoft

23 Jun 2022

PhD Study - What 3 Things Matter Most for Non-Academic Careers?

Not all PhD graduates go on to work at universities, so how can you make sure your doctorate prepares you for the alternatives?

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But What if I Don’t Want to Work in Academia? Alternative Career Paths for After Your PhD

Not sure if an academic career is for you? Here are a few alternative careers to keep in mind.

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To PhD or Not to PhD?

As prestigious as it is and fulfilling as it can be, a PhD isn't for everyone. So how do you know if it's the right option for you? Victoria's story offers some advice for anyone reflecting on their plans right now.

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by Sam Frampton

08 Jun 2020

Jumping Back in – Leaving Work to Start a PhD

Now could be a good time to revisit those PhD plans, but what can you actually expect if you swap work or jobseeking for postgraduate research? Read Sam's story.

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11 Famous People with a PhD

You might be surprised to find out that these celebrities have a PhD, and might be even more surprised at what their PhD is in!

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6 Reasons NOT to Do a PhD

As fulfilling and worthwhile as it can be, PhD study isn't for everyone. Sofia faces up to some of the reasons *not* to do a doctorate.

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Pitching a PhD to Your Employer

Having successfully completed a part-time PhD while holding down a full-time job, Arthur offers six tips on how best to 'sell' your doctorate to an employer.

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by Mark Bennett

13 Sep 2018

Transferable Skills with a PhD

Think a PhD is too specialised? Think again. We've taken a look at five key transferable skills you'll gain during a doctorate.

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PhD Experiences: Working Within a DTP

If you’re looking at different PhD funding methods, you’ve probably come across some interesting acronyms like DTP and CDT. But do you understand what they will actually offer?

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Don’t 'Plan,' Just 'Do': How to Let Your Career Find You During Your PhD

Career planning is an important part of the PhD experience, but sometimes a great job finds you during a doctorate.

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