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PhD Study - What 3 Things Matter Most for Non-Academic Careers?

Not all PhD graduates go on to work at universities, so how can you make sure your doctorate prepares you for the alternatives?

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Why is the UK a Top Study Destination?

What is it that makes the UK a consistently popular choice for international students? The experts at the British Council introduce the country's historic university system and world-leading research.

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PhD Students - 10 Simple Pieces of Advice

What ten pieces of advice would someone give a PhD student just starting out on their degree? We liked these tips from Dr Matt Lawson so much we wanted to share them on our blog.

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Don’t 'Plan,' Just 'Do': How to Let Your Career Find You During Your PhD

Career planning is an important part of the PhD experience, but sometimes a great job finds you during a doctorate.

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Explaining Impact – a Key Ingredient for Your PhD Research Proposal

Demonstrating the impact of your project is a key part of the modern PhD proposal and application - particularly if you're seeking funding for your research. But how do you do this effectively? Dr Alex Conner offers some expert advice.

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Taking Control of Your PhD: Managing Your Well-Being

A PhD is only as effective as the person researching it. In the final instalment of her series, Dr Ania Gruszczynska looks at taking control of your well-being as a postgraduate researcher.

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Managing Postgraduate study with a Chronic Illness, Disability, or Learning Difficulty

Completing a postgraduate degree whilst managing a disability, illness or learning difficulty may seem tough, but it's far from impossible. In this post Chantelle offers some tips from her own experience.

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Taking Control of Your PhD - Career Planning

When should you start thinking about your post-PhD career? Dr Ania Gruszczynska suggests it's never too early to start. In this post she offers some tips for effective career planning during a doctorate.

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Making the Most of your PhD and Navigating the Wilderness

Adam James Smith finished his PhD in 2014. Since then he's worked on several funded projects, made a film about his research and scrapped with a semi-naked wrestler in a Soho bar. Here he looks back on his PhD and how he used it to prepare for what came next.

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Taking Control of Your PhD: The Relationship With Your Supervisor

Self discipline and good project management are crucial to a successful PhD, but you won't be the only person involved in your project. In her second post on Taking Control of Your PhD, Ania Gruszczynska offers some tips for working with your supervisor.

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