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How to Find a PhD With International Funding

Did you know that you can use the FindAPhD search to uncover PhD projects with funding for international students? Here's how.

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Paying for a PhD – The Cost of Self Funding

Thinking of self-funding a PhD? It's important to know what you'll actually have to pay for and to spare a thought for how you'll do so.

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What are Some Popular Government Scholarships In The World’s Top Study Destinations?

There are usually plenty of funding opportunities at popular study abroad destinations. We've looked at some provided by the governments of top five most popular study countries to international students.

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What Does the Recent Student Loan Interest Cap Mean for You?

We’ve taken a closer look at what the announcement about student loan interests being capped at 6.3% in autumn means for postgrads.

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5 Jobs PhD Students Can Do at Their University

Looking for a ways bring in extra cash during your PhD? We've listed five flexible, on-campus jobs you can fit around your research.

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Our Scholarship Competition – What the Judges are Looking For

Every year we award two students a £6,000 scholarship for Masters or PhD study. Here's what the judges are looking for in applications.

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A Look at Some Unusual Sources of PhD Funding

Coming in all shapes and sizes, there are lots of charities and trusts willing to fund talented PhD students. This is how to go about finding and securing that financial support.

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Postgraduate Student Finance Doctoral Applications Are Now Open!

It's time to start applying for postgraduate student finance. Read some tips and advice from the experts at the Student Loans Company.

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The Pros and Cons of Doctoral Training Programmes

Thinking about doing a PhD through a doctoral training programme? Here are a few things to consider before diving into the application.

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Money Talks: Tips on How to Manage your PhD Stipend

Everyone's PhD funding situation is different, but all students have one thing in common: you'll need to manage money and budget during your doctorate. Maria, our FindAPhD Ambassador, shares some advice.

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