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PhD Scholarships 2014 - The Winners

Another busy year for our judging panel with a massive amount of high quality applications!

Picking our eight PhD scholarship winners was difficult this year as the standard of the entries was so high yet again; there was original music, beautiful artwork, a stop-motion video and many worthy applications from potential PhD students from a range of backgrounds, from all over the world.

We’re very proud to introduce our 2014 winners below,
congratulations to you all

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FindAPhD Top Prize Scholarship 2014 (£1,000)

FindAPhD Top Prize Scholarship 2014 (£1,000)

Cole Sims

Country of origin: UK
PhD: A*STAR Singapore Joint PhD Programme
University: University of Manchester

I was sitting in one of my first lectures when I found out that I won this Scholarship. It was a fantastic surprise! It feels great and it is such a relief to get the support I badly needed! is the perfect starting point for searching and comparing Masters courses. I used it to get an overview of courses relating to my interests. The website was crucial in allowing me to cope with the sheer amount of different options and study programs.

The study programme at City combines a sophisticated scientific approach with practical coursework. The university balances research, theory and application of design in a practical context. This combination made the programme at City University most appealing.

In the future I want to help implement user-centred approaches to the development of services and digital systems for everyday use. There are huge opportunities for user experience to enable better interactions between people and digital systems.

The judging panel really enjoyed Johannes’s video entry – it showed his passion and understanding for his subject and was of high technical standard too. Very impressive! View Johannes video entry.

PhD Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Scholarship 2014

Arts PhD Scholarship 2014

James Millea

Country of origin: Ireland
PhD: PhD in Musicology (Hip-Hop & Film Music)
University: Research Centre for Audio-Visual Media, University of Liverpool.

I was thrilled to hear that I had won this year’s Arts Scholarship.

Personally, has been an invaluable tool in helping to uncover the next step in my academic career. In the months approaching my official doctoral application, became a portal for advice on both the process of applying for a PhD and an exploration of the range of topics being focused on by institutions across the UK and Europe.

My future plans at the minute are two-fold. Personally, the PhD is a major step in moving onto what I would like to do for the rest of my life: that is to study music and to become a university lecturer. I have always loved music, and to be able to follow it as a career to this level, will certainly be a dream come true. Also, with the topic that I am currently working on, the plan is to complete and publish the doctoral thesis and continue my investigation into the relationship between hip-hop music and the film soundtrack: a unique connection that I feel is truly exciting, and yet undervalued, in contemporary musicology.

The judging panel really appreciated the hard work James put into his application and the original nature of the sound track.

FindAPhD Business, Finance and Law Scholarship 2014

Business, Finance and Law PhD Scholarship 2014

Kristy Gouldsmith

Country of origin: Canada
PhD: PhD Appearance-Based Discrimination, Employment Law and the Equality Act 2010.
University: Northumbria University

I was thrilled to have won this scholarship as was instrumental in helping me chose my PhD. Like most people, I don’t have time to search every university in the UK,so it is very useful to have to advertised PhDs as well as funding opportunities all in one place.

My PhD was an advertised studentship on It fit with my background and interests. I am studying by distance-learning so the location of the university was not critical. I already have an LLM so a PhD will allow me to progress further in my academic career or perhaps branch out into something different, such as tribunal work.

Kristy provided a short PowerPoint presentation highlighting what her PhD was based around and what she hoped to answer. The judges appreciated the informative nature of this application.

FindAPhD Biological Sciences Scholarship 2014

Biological Sciences PhD Scholarship 2014

Rachael Hough

Country of origin: UK
PhD: PhD Gastroenterology
University: University of Liverpool

I am delighted to be a winner! As a part-time, self-funded student the prize will go such a long way. was my first port of call when I was beginning to consider PhD study. I was also inspired by an article on the website with great ideas of how and where the best places to apply for funding are.

My PhD will involve studying compounds found in the faeces of horses. This may eventually lead to detecting biomarkers for disease, such as colic in the horse. I wish to pursue this area of research because I am familiar with the devastation colic can cause to both the horse and the owner. The University of Liverpool is the ideal institution due to the expertise and facilities they offer for my chosen area of research.

On the completion of my PhD I hope to continue working towards improving the health and welfare of horses, whether that be in research or industry.

The judges thought Rachael’s scholarship application reached new heights on more than one level. Not only did she climb a mountain, she produced a great video on the way up which linked perfectly to her reaching the top. View Rachael’s video entry here.

FindAPhD Engineering, Maths and Computing PhD Scholarship 2014

Engineering, Maths and Computing PhD Scholarship 2014

James Cardus

Country of origin: UK
PhD: PhD Multiphase Flow in Industrial Systems
University: The University of Birmingham

It feels great to be a Scholarship winner! I’m so happy that people are willing to support my plans for the future! The scholarship is a huge encouragement and I’m extremely grateful that the scheme exists to support researchers in their work. was my window to the world of new research ideas and projects. Choosing the right PhD is so important, and with such good information on what’s available, it takes a lot of stress out of the decision.

The University of Birmingham is outstanding in the field of Chemical Engineering. Having studied my Masters degree here, I’ve found the department here to be friendly, inclusive, and inspiring. The attitude to research and education is absolutely brilliant, and I have no doubt that the next three years here are going to be fantastic.

I plan to get teaching experience within the department throughout my PhD. Following this I plan to take a postdoctoral position and continue my study in fluid dynamics and mass transfer. My long term goal is to contribute valuable research to the body of knowledge, and to teach as a lecturer. After all, it’s not just about what knowledge we acquire, but how we pass it on.

The judging panel thought James’s application showed he has clear reasons for deserving additional funding, and really enjoyed his supportive video: ‘A day in the life of a chemical engineering student’ which was produced whilst at Birmingham University. You can see James’s representing his university department here

FindAPhD Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship 2014

Humanities and Social Sciences PhD Scholarship 2014

Katarzyna Nowak

Country of origin: Poland
PhD: PhD in History
University: University of Manchester

I feel very happy that I won the scholarship because it is the next step in the realization of my research project. helped me to understand what it means to do a PhD, and to convince me that I want to spend three years of my life in that way.

I am interested in the history of the body in the context of East-Central Europe. The University of Manchester gave me the opportunity to conduct research in this area supported by the experts in these fields. Moreover, the academic excellence and the atmosphere of the university encouraged me to pursue my doctoral studies exactly here.

I hope I will become a professional researcher and that would allow me to realise my passion for exploring history.

Katarzyna’s application was an inventive twist on a board game which highlighted the various moves she needs to make in order to complete her PhD at Manchester University. Great stuff Katarzyna! View Katarzyna’s video application

FindAPhD Medical Sciences and Health Scholarship 2014

Medical Sciences and Health PhD Scholarship 2014

Chieh-En Jane Tseng

Country of origin: Taiwan
PhD: PhD Psychosis Studies
University: King’s College London

I am extremely grateful to the judging panel for liking my application. I regularly received e-mail alerts from about projects that I might be interested in.

I am interested in using neuroimaging to study psychosis. King’s College London is well known for their research in psychiatry and I am really excited to be starting a PhD here.

I hope to be a lecturer in a university and postgraduate study can help me strengthen my expertise in this field as well as conduct independent research.

The judges really enjoyed this catchy and upbeat application, all the judges were singing along! What a fun way to describe her research on the brain. View Jane’s video application.

FindAPhD Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences Scholarship 2014

Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences PhD Scholarship 2014

Sarah Morrow

Country of origin: UK
PhD: PhD in Synthesis for Biology and Medicine CDT
University: University of Oxford

I found an excellent source of clear, concise information. Crucially it could all be condensed into one website.

I chose my course since I thought it was an excellent idea to provide synthetic chemists by training with knowledge of basic biology and medicine, as well as continuing an extremely high standard of teaching in emerging organic chemistry. Problems at the frontier of all three disciplines can be solved using this interdisciplinary approach.

At the moment I like the idea of remaining in touch with chemistry after my PhD, but probably outside of the lab, whether that be in scientific policy, publishing, patenting…the list goes on. I think the ability to communicate scientific research, a skill I should develop over the next four years, will be very important in this kind of setting.

The judging panel thought Sarah’s drawing was encompassing of her academic field, and thoroughly enjoyed the simple, yet detailed sketch.

Congratulations to all our 2014 winners from!

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