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PhD Study in Focus

Written by Mark Bennett

Whilst there are some things all PhDs have in common (such as a supervisor, a thesis and a viva), funding, applications and day-to-day routines can differ dramatically between different subject areas.

The guides here provide a helpful introduction to some popular research areas, explaining how to get started with your PhD search and what to expect from a doctorate once you start one.

PhD Research in Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most diverse and interdisciplinary research areas in science, with a wide variety of PhD opportunities available. We've explained how applications and funding work, together with what you can expect from the day-to-day of a doctorate in Chemical Sciences,

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PhD Research in Nursing

Nursing PhDs take a range of forms, with the opportunity for practice-based work as well as data-driven investigations into the efficacy of different techniques and approaches.

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PhD Research in Computing, IT & Computer Science

Computer Science PhDs involve a combination of complex practical and theoretical work, with a range of important applications. We've explained what's expected of students in this research area.

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PhD Research in the Arts & Humanities

What's it like to complete an Arts or Humanities PhD? What do you need to apply for a project and how do funding and supervision work? Our guide explains.

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Arts & Humanities

Research in Arts & Humanities subjects tends to be highly independent, with students proposing their own projects.

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Chemistry is one of the most popular, diverse and interdisciplinary of the physical sciences, with frequent opportunities for industrial collaboration.

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PhD research in Computing and Computer Science is often well-funded, with a wide range of theoretical and practical applications.

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Nursing PhDs take a range of forms, including vocational research as well as more data-driven projects reflecting on practice.

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Last Updated: 08 February 2021