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We have 21 access to justice PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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access to justice PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 21 access to justice PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

PhDs in Law and Criminology

We invite applications for research study in any of our research clusters. Applied Human Rights. Clinical and Professional Education. Read more

Evaluating the Just Transition to effect policy change

It is an undeniable fact that the world faces environmental and climate crises of epic proportions. What is also clear to see is the social and political impacts of these crises across states and societies. Read more

Constitutional reform and the case for and against codification

The idea that the United Kingdom’s constitution is under strain is not new, nor is the belief that the accepted norms of the constitution, which are central to the effective operation of our political system in the United Kingdom, are being disregarded by the executive. Read more
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ESRC WGSSS collaborative PhD studentship: Accessing housing justice: a critical legal geography of independent housing advice in Wales.

The School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University, supported by Wales Graduate School for the Social Sciences (WGSSS) (ESRC DTP) and Shelter Cymru, invites applications for PhD study for the following PhD project for October 2024 entry. Read more

Gender and Citizenship

In recent years there have been many important legal changes intended to enable everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or other intersectionality factor to have equal access to full citizenship. Read more

Reframing Critical and Socially Engaged Arts Practices from a Creative Health / Health Humanities Perspective

The Arts and Health Research Group was created in 2021 in response to the nationwide increase in physical and mental health needs in the UK, particularly amongst the young, the elderly and minority groups, following the Covid pandemic and lockdown. Read more

PhD in Business and Law at the University of Brighton

For some time now, the university’s School of Business and Law’s mission and vision has been to advance, support and shape responsible enterprise for a fairer society through education, research, collaboration and thought leadership, to prepare learners for practice and to promote inclusive practices that respect diversity. Read more

PhD (School of Law) Doctorate

Study a PhD at the University of Bradford and contribute new and significant knowledge to the field of law. Why study a law PhD?. Read more

Evaluating the meaning and distribution of ‘Tree Equity’ in Surrey: An interdisciplinary approach

Having access to trees reduces respiratory illness and improves mental health and well-being (Pataki et al 2021). Tress also provide protection from climate extremes such as flooding and heatwaves (Leets et al 2022). Read more

Scotland’s diaspora – was there social justice for the ‘failed’ immigrant in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?

The creation of clubs and societies organised around ethnicity characterised the Scottish diasporic experience, both for those who received alms and for those who sought a means through which to meet and socialise with other Scots. Read more

PhD Opportunities in Communication, Media, and Film Studies

We warmly invite applications for full-time or part-time self-funded PhD study. . About the PhD Programme. The Centre for Culture, Media & Society (CCMS) is an exciting interdisciplinary environment delivering research that offers critical insight and real-world impact. . Read more

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