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  Predicting African insect crop pests in real-time
  Dr S White, Dr C Cobbold, Dr P Gonzalez-Moreno, Dr S Murphy
Application Deadline: 18 January 2019
Crop pests are of serious and growing concern throughout Africa, causing significant economic and dietary impacts on humans and livestock.
  African Studies - Postgraduate Research Opportunities
African Studies PhD/MA by Research (On-Campus or by Distance Learning). The Department of African Studies and Anthropology offers promising candidates the opportunity to carry out research in a centre of excellence in the study of Africa.
  Unexplored transitions between forest and savanna in Africa
  Dr K Dexter, Dr C Ryan
Application Deadline: 10 January 2019
See. Project Background. The forests and savanna biomes of Africa are known the world over for their biodiversity and carbon storage.
  Quantifying adaptive genetic variation for the conservation and management of East African tropical trees
  Prof A Jump, Dr S Cavers, Dr D Odee, Dr C Kettle
Application Deadline: 7 January 2019
We are seeking a highly motivated individual to undertake research focussing on understanding adaptive genetic diversity to underpin management decision making for East African tropical tree species.
  Memory, oral history and environmental change in African cities
  Dr R Day, Dr F Pope
Application Deadline: 14 December 2018
Major African cities such as Kampala and Nairobi have undergone rapid growth and environmental transformation in recent decades.
  SCENARIO: Pan-African Heatwave Health Hazard Forecasting
  Dr H Cloke, Dr C Di Napoli
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Heatwaves are a serious meteorological hazard to human health and place significant strains on infrastructure (power, water and transport), agricultural production, retail, tourism and ecosystem services.
  Resolving the timescale of south-central African palaeoenvironments and their impact on human behaviour and evolution
  Dr K Penkman, Prof L Barham, Dr T S White
Application Deadline: 9 January 2019
Timing is everything. accurate dating of the geological record is essential to understand our planet’s history, but beyond the limit of radiocarbon dating (~50,000 years) material becomes difficult to date.
  Transcription control and immune evasion in African trypanosomes
  Research Group: Division of Cell & Molecular Biology
  Prof G Rudenko
Applications accepted all year round
Trypanosomes are unicellular eukaryotes which cause African Sleeping Sickness, which is endemic to subSaharan Africa. Trypanosomes can be easily grown as suspension cell lines in the laboratory, where they are straightforward to manipulate and genetically modify.
  Cancer and ageing: studying leukaemia & blood stem cell exhaustion in short-lived African killifish
  Dr E Payne, Prof J Bahler, Dr G Stefani
Application Deadline: 14 December 2018
Cancer is overwhelmingly a disease of the elderly, and age is its largest risk factor. Clonal, age-associated populations of haematopoietic cells have been found in large numbers of haematopoietically normal humans.
  An ‘Evolve and Resequencing’ based dissection of developmental competence in African trypanosomes
  Research Group: Institute of Immunology & Infection Research
  Prof K Matthews
Application Deadline: 13 December 2018
African trypanosomes are parasites that cause human sleeping sickness and the livestock disease, ‘nagana’ in sub Saharan Africa. These protozoan parasites use ‘quorum sensing’ in their host bloodstream to control the production of an arrested developmental form needed for transmission to their vector, the tsetse fly.
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