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We have 28 algebra PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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algebra PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 28 algebra PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Cryptography based on tropical algebra

The project is on algebraic cryptography based on tropical algebra or tropical geometry or related mathematical structures. You will cryptanalyze the existing protocols and create new protocols. Read more

Projects in mathematical systems and control theory

Mathematical systems and control theory “represents an attempt to codify, in mathematical terms, the principles and techniques used in the analysis and design of control systems” [1]. Read more

Tropical Optimization

Tropical algebra is linear algebra developed over the max-plus semiring (extended real line endowed with tropical addition `a+b'max(a,b) and tropical multiplication `ab'a+b). Read more


Ranked 17th amongst the world's top 25 mathematics research institutes, faculty and graduates of Hebrew University's Einstein institute of Mathematics include many of the world's leading mathematicians, including a Nobel prize laureate (2005), Fields Medal (2010) and a recipient of the Abel Prize (2020). Read more

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Non-Cooperative Game Theoretic Models for Cyber Security

Cyber security is the assessment of, responding to and monitoring of the security of the cyberspace. It is difficult to pin down to one single scientific discipline, but rather relates to a number of domains and fields such as physical security, network security, security assessment frameworks and the human element. Read more

Developing and Applying Probabilistic Tracking Methods for Bumblebee Learning Flights and Foraging

Using the latest probabilistic machine learning techniques, you will develop systems for tracking insects in 3d and across the landscape, take part in field work to discover the secrets of bumblebee navigation and behaviour. Read more

Explainability in Extreme Classification

Classification of data to a few relevant categories selected from an extremely large number of all possible labels, also referred to as Extreme Classification, has found numerous applications including recommendation systems, information retrieval and Question-Answering. Read more

Delay-induced stabilisation of dynamical systems

Time delays are often the source of system instability. There are many examples of nonlinear or distributed parameter systems where an arbitrarily small input or output delay destabilises the system. Read more

Structure evolution in complex alloys by analysis of combinatorial complexes

The last couple of decades have been a period of active development and manufacture of new complex-structured bulk materials, such as TWIP steels, nickel superalloys and high-entropy alloys for novel applications in energy and transport industries. Read more

Machine learning in underwater acoustic communication modems

Machine learning is an approach that is useful when a practical optimisation problem is difficult to describe precisely. This approach has found multiple applications. Read more

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