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We have 19 animal welfare PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Laying hen welfare, space use and housing design

The project. This aim of this project is to improve the welfare of laying hens, by informing our understanding of hen behaviour and the way in which hens use their housing. Read more

4-year PhD Studentship: Assessing welfare consequences of feed restrictions in dairy cattle: short-term, long-term and sustainability perspectives

Although freedom from hunger is a key pillar of animal welfare, feed restrictions are common on most farms. For instance, on dairy farms, pre-weaned calves are typically fed less than 50% of ad libitum consumption (4-6L of milk when they would drink up to 16L[1]). Read more

4-year PhD Studentship: Chemogenetic modulation of neuronal activity as a refined alternative to physiological stress

High blood pressure is one of the biggest risk factors for cardiovascular disease (1). The hypothalamus regulates neuroendocrine homeostasis and helps to maintain metabolic processes such as body weight, fluid balance and blood pressure (2). Read more

SELF-FUNDING MSc BY RESEARCH PROJECT: Do male mice prefer to live on their own?

Aggression in group housed male mice is a major concern from both an animal welfare and scientific perspective. Surprising little is known about the social behaviour of male mice in the laboratory environment and therefore what factors trigger aggression or beneficial husbandry methods. Read more

The interaction of classical swine fever virus (CSFV) with porcine cells

Classical swine fever virus (CSFV) is a highly contagious often fatal virus that infect pigs and other suidae. Clinical signs of disease include fever, loss of appetite and haemorrhages. Read more
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Characterisation of porcine T follicular helper cells and their response to vaccination and infection

Since they were first discovered in 2000, the function of T follicular helper (Tfh) cells has been a subject of intense and fast-moving research. It is now clear that these cells are critical in orchestrating the B cell/antibody response and they have become a focus in improving targeted cancer immunotherapy and vaccine strategies. Read more

PhD Opportunities at University of Winchester

The University of Winchester is seeking talented, enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals to become part of our expanding and vibrant postgraduate research community. Read more

Project at Queen's University Belfast - Nutritional programming in replacement dairy heifers: Future-proofing herd performance, health and behaviour

Project background. The lifetime performance of a dairy calf is impacted by its health, nutrition and environment, with a sub optimal position in any of these factors affecting the animal’s ability to achieve its genetic potential. Read more

School of Veterinary Medicine

 The University of Glasgow's School of Veterinary Medicine is renowned for teaching, research and clinical provision, and attracts students, researchers and clinicians from around the world. Read more

Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine

The Institute is a fundamentally multidisciplinary research body with a key strength of working on interdisciplinary boundaries. We are unique in the UK in our ability to link research on animal diseases, production and welfare with ecological and evolutionary approaches. Read more

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