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  PhD position on dynamic modelling of animal behaviours using machine learning, intelligent sensors and computational ethology
  Dr T Norton
Applications accepted all year round
The laboratory of Measure, Model, Manage Bio-Responses (M3-BIORES) is a world-leading research laboratory focussing on real-time monitoring and management of animal behaviours.
  Animals in the Anthropocene: Histories of Fragility and Endurance - MScR in Global Environmental Challenges
  Dr A Flack
Application Deadline: 1 August 2019
About the project. The Anthropocene, the current epoch of extraordinary human influence over global places and processes, is frequently characterised by specific varieties of human relationship with non-human animal life.
  Modelling Candida albicans infection of the human gut using human intestinal organoid cultures
  Dr S Gratz, Prof C Munro, Dr D MacCallum
Application Deadline: 12 April 2019
Fungal infections pose a major public health problem, and understanding how infection starts is crucial for developing effective treatments and prevent further disease.
  Neural circuitry underlying goal directed search behaviour in Drosophila larvae
  Dr C Larsen, Dr M Meyer
Applications accepted all year round
Animals including humans make choices continuously based in past experience, present sensory input and internal state. A major goal in neuroscience is to identify the neural circuits underlying goal directed choices and to elucidate the neural computation driving goal orientated behaviour.
  Advanced in vitro and in silico models to predict and prevent deep venous thrombosis
  Dr D Vigolo, Dr A Alexiadis
Applications accepted all year round
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a life-threatening and debilitating condition where blood clots form within the deep veins (e.g. the femoral vein in the leg).
  Links between animal behaviour, health and welfare
  Dr SDE Held
Applications accepted all year round
An animal’s behaviour both causes and reflects changes in its health and welfare. The biological processes underlying these relationships are increasingly well understood in humans.
  Investigating Cryptosporidium host-parasite interactions
  Dr A Tsaousis
Application Deadline: 20 March 2019
Cryptosporidium is a single-celled intracellular eukaryotic parasite infecting nearly all animals. Members of this group are also opportunistic parasites of immunocompromised humans, causing cryptosporidiosis, the second most prevalent diarrhoeal disease in children.
  Learning from the past to predict and reduce the risk of infectious disease pandemics
  Dr F Perez-Reche, Prof N Strachan
Applications accepted all year round
The World Health Organisation reports that infectious diseases cause 63% of childhood deaths and 48% of premature deaths. There is the ongoing risk of epidemics and pandemics that can cause widespread morbidity and mortality (Spanish flu, ebola, SARS, E.
  Modelling the deformation of cells
  Dr F Perez-Reche
Applications accepted all year round
Cells are the elementary building blocks of living organisms. The correct functioning of living organisms is therefore conditioned to the ability of living cells to withstand forces and deformations and to promptly adapt to their mechanical environment.
  Cognitive brain research on multisensory research: examining the function of touch and its relationship with other senses
  Prof R Kitada
Applications accepted all year round
Applications are invited for a Ph.D student position on cognitive neuroscience research on touch. We touch familiar objects from cups to companion animals.
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