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  Energy harvesting techniques for powering wireless sensors and antennas
  Dr P Walker, Dr L Zhao, Prof D Eager
Applications accepted all year round
UTS:Protospace is a new state-of-the-art research facility that brings world leading 3D printing technologies to UTS. This project is centered around the Optomec Aerosol Jet 5x, capable of conformal printing of electronic circuits and components (i.e.
  Embroidered ground plane for wearable electronics - Ref: JFUF2018
  Dr J Flint
Applications accepted all year round
Achieving a good quality conducting ground plane to be used in textile antennas and electronic devices is not easy as it involves introducing conductive materials into the fabric.
  Low-loss terahertz waveguides and devices for sensors and communication systems
  Dr Y Wang
Applications accepted all year round
Terahertz (THz) wave holds great promise for industrial and scientific applications in security screening, sensing, material characterisation, astronomy and communications.
  Additive manufacture of adaptive materials for communications applications
  Prof P S Grant
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
For any antenna system there is a trade-off between antenna bandwidth (wide as possible), size (small as possible) and efficiency (high as possible).
  PhD Studentship: Downhole Wireless RF Communications for Deployment in Oil and Gas Wells
  Dr S Podilchak
Applications accepted all year round
There is an industry desire to create and extend the usage of RF wireless technologies to develop future digital-based oil fields.
  Optical metasurfaces for polarisation synthesis
  Prof A Zayats
Application Deadline: 6 May 2019
Optical metasurfaces based plasmonic and dielectric nano-antennas provide on-demand phase control of reflected and transmitted light.
  Novel Passive Microwave Devices: investigating new production techniques and interconnection methods based around textiles, meta-materials and similar concepts -Ref: RSUF2018
  Dr R Seager
Applications accepted all year round
Microwave systems are becoming more mainstream with wearable applications needing to work at higher frequencies. There is a requirement for circuits and devices that can perform at these frequencies in a cost-effective manner.
  Creating a Sensor Toolkit using Embroidered Electronics (Advert Reference: SF18/MPEE/DODD)
  Dr L Dodd, Prof D Wood
Applications accepted all year round
Embroidered electronic sensors have received a great deal of interest in recent years. Sensors are a mainstay of modern society but are often large, heavy and bulky.
  Integrated terahertz quantum-cascade laser systems for space research
  Dr A Valavanis
Application Deadline: 1 February 2019
The terahertz-frequency (THz) band of the electromagnetic spectrum lies between the infrared and microwave regions.
  Sub-millimetre wave synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for high resolution imaging
  Dr D A Robertson
Applications accepted all year round
This PhD is a CASE award funded equally by EPSRC and industrial sponsor QinetiQ. Eligibility. EPSRC funding requires UK resident status.
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