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  Optically transparent armour reinforced with microbially-synthesized cellulose nanofibres with self-repair capability
  Dr K Lee
Applications accepted all year round
Microbially-synthesised cellulose nanofibres, more commonly known as bacterial cellulose (BC), is an ultra-pure form of cellulose nanofibers with mechanical performance exceeding that of single E-glass or Kevlar fibre.
  Bio-inspiration from molluscs: flexible armour with embedded sensing capacity
  Dr J Sigwart, Dr A Brasier
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
This project will be supervised by Dr Julia Sigwart of Queen’s University School of Biological Sciences, Dr Alex Brasier of the University of Aberdeen’s School of Geosciences, and Mr Shaun Graham of Carl Zeiss Microscopy.
  Image-Based Methods for the Dynamics of Ceramic Interfaces in Ballistic Armour Applications
  Research Group: Materials and Surface Engineering
  Prof F Pierron
Application Deadline: 1 February 2019
The Ministry of Defence (MOD) Defence and Security PhD scheme has a current focus on ‘Novel Materials for Defence’. As part of this program, interfaces between armour ceramics and polymers/metals have been identified as key to improving the performance of ballistic armour for military personnel and vehicles.
  PhD studentship opportunity in enhancing the performance of ceramic armour and protective coatings
  Prof R Dorey, Dr M Whiting
Applications accepted all year round
The performance of ceramic armour and protective coatings is critically dependent on the interface between the ceramic and the underlying substrate.
  Super alumina: oxide nanocomposites for armour
  Prof R I Todd, Prof P Nellist
Application Deadline: 25 January 2019
Supervisors. Professor Richard Todd, Professor Peter Nellist, Dr Antonio Pellegrino. The project aims to improve the ballistic properties of alumina without significantly increasing its cost (a more expensive alumina would not compete with SiC and B4C).
  Alpha-defensin haplotypes and IgA nephropathy risk
  Prof J A L Armour, Prof O Hanotte
Applications accepted all year round
The human alpha-defensin genes DEFA1 and DEFA3 encode short antimicrobial peptides that are important components of the innate immune system, and are subject to copy number variation (CNV) with individuals having between 3 and 18 copies.
  Marine risers: experimental damage detection, monitoring and numerical modelling using digital twins
  Dr P Omenzetter, Dr D Van der A, Prof E Pavlovskaia, Dr Amir Siddiq
Applications accepted all year round
Marine risers are critical components of any offshore oil and gas production operations linking subsea field developments with production and drilling equipment atop fixed or floating facilities.
  Modelling of joining technologies for novel metal matrix composites for offshore applications
  Prof I Guz, Prof M Kashtalyan
Applications accepted all year round
Metal matrix composites (MMCs) present remarkable properties by combining the properties of the metal matrix and of ceramic reinforcement.
  Materials Engineering: College of Engineering Centenary Scholarship: Next generation composite materials with enhanced impact properties
  Dr F Korkees
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
Subject areas. Materials Engineering. Start date. April 2019. Project description. Composites are lightweight and durable with high strength, impact and ballistic resistance.
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