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  Understanding and measuring individual differences in executive attention
  Dr C Von Bastian
Applications accepted all year round
Executive attention – the ability to monitor and control ongoing thoughts and actions – is thought to account for a substantial amount of individual differences in working memory capacity and fluid intelligence (e.g., Kane & Engle, 2003).
  The cognitive Neuroscience of Attention and Working Memory, and Causal Functional Connectivity.
  Dr E Feredoes
Applications accepted all year round
Our lab uses cutting-edge combinations of neuroimaging and analytic techniques to investigate aspects of human cognition. Specifically, we’re interested in the following.
  Attention and Perception in autism spectrum conditions
  Dr E Milne
Applications accepted all year round
This project will investigate perception and attention in individuals with autism spectrum conditions using a mixture of behavioural psychophysics and EEG methodologies.
  See what you want to see: Does people’s motivational state determine what attracts their attention?
  Dr J Vogt
Applications accepted all year round
The Self-Regulation, Attention, and Emotion Lab examines various topics at the intersection of self-regulation, emotion, and social cognition research.
  The role of the parietal lobe in attention, spatial processing, and optic flow.
  Dr D Field
Applications accepted all year round
Recent fMRI evidence collected in my lab suggests that the function of some parts of the parietal lobe are currently misunderstood.
  Management in NGOs - to investigate whether and how knowledge also flows from the South toward the North
  Research Group: Institute of Work Psychology (IWP)
  Dr E Girei, Dr Diane Burns
Applications accepted all year round
This research proposal is about partnership between Northern NGOs (NNGOs) and Southern NGOs (SNGOs) and management knowledge. Here, management is meant a broad concept, generally referring to how things are done within organisations.
  SmartEHR: Predicting patient outcomes live from imaging and non-imaging EHR data
  Dr J Cardoso
Applications accepted all year round
1st Supervisor - Dr Jorge Cardoso. 2nd Supervisor - Professor Richard Dobson. This project aims to leverage the EHR data collection infrastructure developed at KCH together imaging and non-imaging data, to provide diagnostic, prognostic information and operational outcomes in real time.
  Pragmatic, positive and innovative approaches to tackle doping in amateur-, fitness- and sport to elite competitive sport
  Prof A Petroczi
Applications accepted all year round
The recent scandals in sport (e.g., the Lance Armstrong case, systematic doping in Russia, cover ups in IAAF) have questioned the legitimacy of the current anti-doping approach - and drawn attention to the multiple issues that warrant attention.
  Institute for Design Innovation Research
PhD. 3 years full-time; 6 years part-time. MPhil. 2 years full-time; 4 years part-time. Entry Requirements. An honours degree [2:1 or above] or equivalent overseas qualification.
  Identity Work & Global Commuters: exploring the identity of those who commute globally in their careers
  Dr S Kirk
Applications accepted all year round
Research to-date has tended to focus on expatriate work, with relatively little attention paid to other forms of global mobility (Howe-Walsh and Schyns, 2010).
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