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balance PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 212 balance PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Using neurofeedback during exergaming to improve balance in people living with Parkinson’s Disease

Project Description. People living with Parkinson’s (PwP) rank balance problems amongst the most disabling symptom. Over time, balance function continues to decline and PwP go on to fall, affecting between 45-68% of PwP. Read more

Economic, Social and Spatial Effects of Remote Work

The Project. The times of COVID-19 pandemic have seen an unprecedented increase in the remote working arrangements. This phenomenon comes with new opportunities, but also significant challenges and uncertainties. Read more

SCENARIO: Machine learning driven balance relationships for next generation data assimilation systems (SC2023_27)

  Research Group: SCENARIO NERC DTP
Are you fascinated by the complex models and systems that are used to produce weather forecasts? Are you a physicist/engineer/mathematician/meteorologist/computer scientist who would like to work towards a PhD with the Met Office in this important area of scientific endeavour?. Read more

Combining Synthetic Biology and Modelling to Understand and Predict Evolution

Mutations, and their effects on organismal fitness, lie at the heart of understanding and predicting evolution. Because of its central role in determining evolutionary outcomes, much experimental and theoretical effort has been put into describing the fitness effects of mutations. Read more

Testing the efficacy and mechanisms of the 'gravitostat' as a tool to support long-term weight loss in people with obesity SSEHS/JAK/2

Obesity is disease that adversely affects the physical and mental health of many people in low- and high-income nations. Whilst progress has been made regarding lifestyle approaches supporting weight loss, weight regain remains a key clinical challenge. Read more

Inhibition and excitation in the brain

An appropriate balance between excitatory and inhibitory neural processes in the brain underlies healthy psychological function. Two examples of conditions in which there is an imbalance are autism and ADHD. Read more


About the Role. Test and evaluation of systems and devices for superconducting quantum computing is becoming increasingly important for academia and industry. Read more

Determining the nutritional requirements of patients dependent on home parenteral nutrition: A longitudinal cohort study

This exciting new project will provide training in dietetic and nutritional research in artificial nutritional support. Parenteral nutrition (PN) involves the intravenous administration of substrates directly into a vein, providing fluid, energy, nitrogen, micronutrients and electrolytes. Read more

General Applicability and Quantitative Predictability of Complex Population-Based Crystallization Models

This project performed in collaboration with Bayer AG (Leverkusen, Germany) will address key challenges in developing experimentally validated process models to aid in the production of crystalline pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals at different scales (lab-pilot-plant). Read more

Novel Machine Learning for Forecasting PV output

The rapid proliferation of wind and solar installations, coupled with the growing impact of climate change on the volatile UK weather, creates formidable operable challenges for the UK electricity Grid. Read more

Physiological and Psychological Mechanisms of Resistance to Weight Loss and/or Weight Loss Maintenance

While it is clear that marked individual variability exists in dietary and exercise-induced weight loss, the adaptive biological and behavioural responses that resist weight loss and drive weight regain remain unclear. Read more

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