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We have 189 big data PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Benchmarks for Data Clustering Algorithms in Data Science

Data Science problems focus on processing and analysing so-called Big Data to discover insights and patterns. Big Data examples include massive sensor data, unstructured and semi-structured historical data, and many types of social-media, or biological, or chemical data. Read more

Big Data Modelling the Knowledge Economy

Life would be much easier if organisations had a 3D map of the business landscape showing owners and entrepreneurs where best to go, how much they could benefit when they get there, as well as how much it would cost them along the way. Read more

NUDATA06 Answering Big Questions in Cosmology with Big Data from Galaxy Surveys

This project is being offered as part of the STFC Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Intensive Science, called NUdata, which is a collaboration between Northumbria and Newcastle Universities, STFC, and a portfolio of over 40 industrial partners, including SMEs, large/multinational companies, Government and not-for profit organisations, and international humanitarian organisations. Read more

AI to the rescue of climate change, modelling air quality for cleaner urban planning

  Research Group: Computing, Informatics and Applications Research Group
Research Group. Computing, Informatics and Applications Research Group. Proposed supervisory team. Dr Lakshmi Babu Saheer. Dr Javad Zarrin. Read more

Big data from single and multiple stars

The 21st century is where big data meets astronomy. Grand surveys, like ESA's Gaia, already provide us with unprecedented data on every type of star in our Galaxy and beyond. Read more

Earth’s Small-Scale Structure – Big Data and Machine Learning

Summary. The interior of the Earth holds the record of the evolution of the planet and the imprint of ongoing processes. Lithospheric material is transported into the deep interior through subduction and then distributed throughout the mantle by convection. Read more
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EASTBIO Mining for the best side of bioscience data, with machine learning

  Research Group: Institute of Quantitative Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Biology is being transformed by large-scale data sets, but how do you find the right one? The data needs a ‘dating profile’. sounds easy but it turns out to be a bottleneck that is holding back research progress and research culture. Read more

Big Data and Machine Learning for Reaction Design

The University of Bath is inviting applications for the following PhD project commencing in October 2023. This is an exciting opportunity to work on the development of new synthesis prediction tools. Read more
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Towards equity in medicine with big health data, epidemiology, and artificial intelligence (NDORMS 2023/7)

The Covid pandemic has highlighted inequalities in healthcare systems around the world. Inequalities based on ethnicity are of concern because most of our understanding of many diseases comes from White or Caucasian populations whose risk factors, disease prevalence and incidence can differ from other ethnic groups. Read more

Responsible Decentralised AI and Big Data Analytics

  Research Group: Applied Computing
The increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that could impact humanity raises increasing concerns from general public, industry and regulatory bodies. Read more

Analysing Big Data to Understand Learning

I have access to large existing data sets which contain the potential to show skill development on real-world tasks for large numbers of people (i.e. Read more

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