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biodiversity conservation PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 25 biodiversity conservation PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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We have 25 biodiversity conservation PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Balancing benefits and trade-offs from future forests

Expansion of forest cover is recognised as an essential tool in our efforts to reduce rising greenhouse gas concentrations and mitigate a broad range of negative impacts resulting from the climate crisis. Read more

Environmental drivers and conservation status of Amazonian biodiversity

The Amazon plays a crucial role in international strategies to mitigate global climate and biodiversity crises. Amazonian ecosystems are among the world's most biodiverse and contribute to environmental services at multiple spatial scales. Read more

Measuring and reporting on the biodiversity impact of businesses

Biodiversity is in a steady decline since the past few decades. Several reports and peer reviewed articles have highlighted the need for further research on the linkages between biodiversity and businesses. Read more

MScR: Species-rich grassland creation – analysis of soil samples.

Since World War II, approximately 97% of species-rich lowland meadows in the UK have been lost due to land use changes. Attempts to restore such biodiverse habitats, through agri-environment schemes and restoration of derelict land, indicate that soil conditions are often key influences on biodiversity. Read more

The evolution of mating systems and parental care: phylogenetic analyses

Mating systems and parental care are some of the most variable social traits. The project uses vertebrate diversity to understand the evolution of breeding system variation in fishes, amphibians, reptiles birds and mammals. Read more

Fully-funded VC studentship - Spatio-temporal models for large citizen science data sets

Supervisors: This is a joint project between the University of Kent and Butterfly Conservation and the PhD student will be supervised by a team with expertise in Statistics, Statistical Ecology, Citizen Science, and Butterfly Monitoring. Read more

Biodiversity footprint of quarry restoration

  Research Group: Applied Ecology Research Group (AERG)
Research Group. Applied Ecology Research Group. (AERG). Proposed supervisory team. Dr Alvin Helden. Several other members of Biology staff with interest in this subject area could be part of the team e.g.,. Read more

Conservation of pollinator biodiversity and sustainable management of pollination services in agroecosystems

Wild and managed pollinators provide a wide range of benefits to society in terms of contributions to food security, farmer and beekeeper livelihoods, social and cultural values, as well as the maintenance of wider biodiversity and ecosystem stability. Read more

PhD in tropical conservation: Quantifying the impacts of wildlife trade on tropical biodiversity

Wildlife trade is a core driver of the global extinction crisis, with the epicentre of traded species diversity in the tropics. Key questions remain about how wildlife trade impacts species populations and, in turn, the long-term sustainability of trade. Read more

PhD in tropical conservation: Quantifying the impacts of mining on tropical biodiversity

Mining is the most luctrative industry globally, with rapid expansion of mines predicted accross the tropics. This expansion will drive deforestation within the mine itself and through interaction with socio-economic development outside of the mine. Read more

Understanding extinction risk in the Anthropocene

We live in a humanized world in which even the most remote areas have been affected by the actions of our species. Human impacts have caused a widespread loss of biodiversity, to the point that we have likely entered the sixth mass extinction event on Earth, the first primarily caused by humans. Read more

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