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  Smart Switchable Biological Surfaces for On-demand Biosensing
  Dr P Mendes
Application Deadline: 30 April 2019
Just as biology is offering inspiration and components for nanotechnology, nanotechnology is providing new tools and technology platforms to measure, understand and control biological systems.
  DTC PHYS 19 - Bioelectronic Materials and Devices - connecting the physics of biological signals with the electron-hole currents in semiconductors
  Prof P Meredith
Applications accepted all year round
Bioelectronics is an exciting new field at the intersection of the life and physical sciences with the central theme of creating new medical therapies through the connection of biological structures with modern electronics.
  The physics of glass - fundamental mechanisms and novel applications
  Dr J Mattsson
Applications accepted all year round
The formation and behavior of glassy disordered non-equilibrium solids is one of the deepest unsolved fundamental questions in physics.
  Boundary Effects in Active Matter Systems
  Dr F Ginelli
Applications accepted all year round
he study of collective properties of active matter is a fast-emerging interdisciplinary research field.
  Artificial Cells as Living Technology
  Prof D A Barrow, Dr O Castell
Application Deadline: 30 June 2019
The Barrow (Engineering) and Castell (Pharmacy) laboratories at Cardiff University seek motivated PhD candidates to contribute to an exciting €5M funded European collaboration in the field of synthetic biology and the development of programmable artificial cells as living technology.
  Modelling and understanding of biological systems, using physics as a tool
  Dr Y Hayashi
Applications accepted all year round
Living systems are complex, and are based on the basic building blocks of genes, proteins, chemical reactions, and physical forces.
  Computational Modelling of Biological Visual Processing Utilising MEA Electrode Arrays
  Prof TM McGinnity
Applications accepted all year round
Over 60 million people worldwide are blind and this number is rising as the global population ages. There are a number of major eye diseases, many of them associated with the retina and in addition many chronic diseases have manifestations in the eye.
  Integrative Computational Biology and Machine Learning: Combining computational biology, computational chemistry, and machine learning techniques with biological big data to unravel the higher genomic code of life
  Dr A Sahakyan, Prof P McHugh
Application Deadline: 26 July 2019
In the Sahakyan Group, we strive to make computational biology maximally independent from empirical experimental data, by basing our models and predictions on genomic sequences and core biological mechanisms.
  Computer Simulations of Biological Macromolecules
  Dr SA Harris, Dr D Read
Applications accepted all year round
Computational models are invaluable for visualisation in molecular biology, as they employ our best quantitative physical understanding of biomolecules and their interactions to predict their dynamics, which is often missing from biophysical experiments.
  How to make molecular machines: modelling ribosome biogenesis
  Prof C Romano, Prof I Stansfield
Applications accepted all year round
Ribosomes are arguably the most important biological molecular machines. Cells can be seen as factories of proteins, with ribosomes being the machines producing them.
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