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We have 101 biological physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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biological physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 101 biological physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Doctoral (PhD) Positions at International Max Planck Research School - Biological Intelligence

The International Max Planck Research School – Biological Intelligence (IMPRS-BI) has an open call for fully-funded doctoral student positions in the fields of behavior, neurobiology, connectomics, ecology and evolutionary genetics. Read more

MScR: Mechanisms of electroreception in insects

A MScR studentship is currently available in the Sensory Biophysics Group at the School of Biological Sciences. The studentship is supported by an ERC Advanced Investigator Award and is open to UK postgraduates. Read more

EPSRC CDT in Bioprocess Engineering Leadership: Complex Biological Products Manufacture

Biological products and their manufacture are progressing to unparalleled levels of complexity. Examples include engineered biocatalysts, antibody-drug conjugates, multivalent vaccines and cellular therapies. Read more

MScR: Fish, predator and collective behaviour

How do animals interact in groups? What benefits and costs can this bring? What are the ecological effects of social living? How do differences between… Read more

Microstructure tissue characterisation with MRI and Artificial Intelligence

  Research Group: Brain Imaging
The characterisation of biological tissue microstructure in vivo and non-invasively is of outmost interest in science. If successful, it could reveal unique insights into biological processes, including aging and cancer. Read more

Combining laser and ultrasound based molecular delivery strategies for enhanced drug delivery

Overview. This project addresses the critical area of delivering therapeutics to the skin. If successful, the approach will have direct and positive consequences for the treatment of a range of skin diseases, but may also be viewed as a more generic means of drug delivery for treating a much wider range of disease. Read more

Studying the Vibrations and other Properties of ‘Caged’ Molecules

Supervisory Team.   Prof. David Smith- Physics, Prof. Richard Whitby -Chem. Project description. This PhD project will focus on the fundamental molecular and solid-state properties of endofullerenes. Read more

Animats - neural culture-controlled robots for closed-loop neuroscience

The project will continue research started at the University of Reading on animats - robotic platforms controlled in real time by activity of biological neuron cultures - and will investigate the methods for implementing efficient conditioning protocols. Read more

PhD opportunities in Mathematics at Brunel University London

Are you ready to address problems of real biological or engineering importance? Or perhaps investigate the underlying mathematical and phenomenological processes of societal issues?. Read more
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Ultrahigh dose rate radiotherapy - Beamline validation and biological characterisation of the FLASH-SARRP

  Research Group: The Patrick G Johnston Centre for Cancer Research
This project will support research applying a new ultra-high dose-rate (“FLASH”) radiotherapy system. The FLASH-SARRP is a world leading platform enabling the delivery of photon-FLASH radiotherapy in preclinical models. Read more

Develop a machine learning approach to multimodal imaging

The emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens to undo the advances of modern medicine, making commonplace interventions like major surgery or cancer chemotherapy effectively impossible. Read more

Physics Informed Neural Networks to build a superior biofluids solver

This PhD is an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated candidate with academic ambitions. The project aims to develop a new suit of biofluids solver as a significant advance for medical diagnostics and device development. Read more

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